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Lance Boil was an antagonist in the show Grossology. A former member of the Bureau of Grossology, he betrayed them and turned to evil and became very vengeful towards all the members of Grossology.


Lance was once a successful member of Grossologist, but grew tired of the grind. Lance Boil quit the Grossology team for never receiving much credit and soon he was fired. He also caused the Gag Lab to fill with pus, revealing his plan to take over the Bureau of Grossology. It is also shown that Ty played around with Lance's Shrink Ray, removing a part and causing Lance to blast himself and shrink. At first, Lance didn't like how he looked, but later on, he is shown to be very proud of his boil. After being fired from the team, he decided to use his skills for evil, with one goal in his twisted head; revenge against all Grossologists; especially Abby and Ty. Deep down, Lance Boil is insecure due to being short, having a big head, and having a boil on his head.

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