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The f*ck is wrong with you?
~ Lance Brenner to Aiden Pearce.

Lance Brenner is a minor antagonist of the 2013 video game Watch_Dogs. He is a fixer employed by the Chicago South Club to kidnap and interrogate Black Viceroys member Raul Lionzo for the identity of "The Vigilante".


Brenner only appears in the mission "Not The Pizza Guy", in which fixer Jordi Chin informs Aiden Pearce, AKA The Vigilante, that Raul Lionzo, a Black Viceroys member who saw his face during the abduction of Maurice Vega, survived being stabbed by him and is currently in police custody, and that fixers have been sent to extract him after he said that he saw The Vigilante's face. As a result, Aiden goes to a nearby harbour where the fixers, lead by Lance Brenner, are based. With Jordi providing sniper support, Aiden fights his way past the fixers and reaches the office where Brenner is holed up before wounding him. He then interrogates Brenner about the extraction, using his access to ctOS to discover Brenner's identity and identify him as a person of interest in several unsolved murders. He then threatens to go after Brenner's family, forcing him to tell him that he sent Angelo Tucci to lead a fake prison transfer team to abduct Lionzo and bring him back. What happens to Brenner afterwards is in doubt, as Aiden canonically leaves him wounded and bleeding in his office, but he can also be shot and killed by Aiden.


  • Although he technically only appears in "Not The Pizza Guy", he briefly appears in a crowd in the May Stadium alongside several Viceroys and Lucky Quinn's business manager Joseph DeMarco.


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