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Lance Nguyen is the secondary antagonist of the 2001 film The Fast and the Furious. He is Johnny Tran's cousin and henchman.

He is portrayed by Reggie Lee.


Nguyen is first seen when Dominic "Dom" Torretto and Brian O'Connor trespass in Little Saigon. He along with his cousin and their gang surround them as Lance orders to follow them. Dom introduced them to Brian and mentioned Lance's snake-skin pants. Johnny asked Lance what he thinks about Brian's 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse on which Lance said: It's an amazing machine. The gang leaves place, only to Tran and Nguyen to return and destroy the car (unaware it was FBI).

Later, when Dom, Brian and Vince are in Tran's garage, they witness gang arrival. Nguyen forced Ted Gassner with a gun to move as Tran interrogated him about missing the premium Nissan SRT20 engines. Tran and Nguyen guzzled oil into Gassner's mouth in order to know where the engines are.

Since there was another hijacking, Bilkins decided to take Tran and his guys (after Brian incorrectly deduced them as responsible). They organized a large SWAT group to target Tran's entire gang. Nguyen and two anothers are eating in a restaurant while Tran is taken in his house before of his family. They were released, however, after Bilkins found out that the DVD players were legally purchased. All they had on Tran's gang was couple of low-rent weapons charges and some outstanding speeding tickets.

After Dom attacked Tran at Race Wars, Nguyen attempts to help his cousin, but he is punched by Letty Ortiz.

He and Tran pull up by Dom's house and shoot at everybody, but only Jesse is killed. They are chased by Dom and Brian and Nguyen is injured by Dom when he runs his 70 Dodge Charger into his dirt bike.

He most likely survived the fall and was later arrested and sentenced.


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