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You can forfeit, Charlie, if you like.
~ Lance was trying to make sure that Charlie loses the final event.

Lance Warner is the main antagonist of the 2007 film Daddy Day Camp. He is the hillbilly owner of Camp Canola and Charlie Hinton's childhood enemy, and arch-nemesis.

He was portrayed by Lochlyn Munro, who also portrays Hal Cooper in Riverdale teen series.


Lance Warner is the luxurious rival camp Canola owner who tries to buy and tear down camp Driftwood. Lance is first seen storming out of the Driftwood's office after the original owner named Morty, refused to afford his payment where Charlie encounters him. The first day of driftwood camp turns out to be a disaster involving a skunk and a bathroom explosion. Because of this, most of the parents pull their kids from the camp and request refunds, but Charlie and Phil already spent all the money on repairs for the camp, which leaves them to left with only 7 campers instead of the original 35 and in need of help to improve their financial situation. Later that night, Charlie calls his father, Colonel Buck Hinton, for help to whip the kids into shape, since they have problems following orders.

The next day, the Driftwood camp is raided by Camp Canola (led by Lance), which has been joined by the 28 campers who left Driftwood. Lance declares the Camp Canola will be the best camp including beating them at the Olympics and steals their flag before placing his spear of honor and leave the Driftwood's campsite. After Buck Hinton arrives and trains the driftwood kids, he spots the Driftwood's flag on Canola's flagpole due to Lance and his campers’ raid. While Buck continues to train the driftwood kids, Camp Canola raided them once again until Lance and his son, Bobby, then encounters and insults him with some senior bingo game because of his age. Furious, Buck informs the kids about their plans to start mutiny at Lance.

Eventually, Buck and the kids sneaks onto the Canola campsite to begin their operations. When Lance looking through the past newspaper about beating Charlie in the 1977 Camp Olympics, Becca and Juliette drops by his office, offers the branch of peace with berries and ask for the exchange for return of the Driftwood's flag, which he rudely refuses and mocks at them for it, only for Becca whistles Buck and the driftwood kids to ambushed and pelted him with several of the produces. Lance tries to retreat to his office, Jack had stealthily sneaks into his office to lock him out and teasingly waves at him, much to Lance's anger. As Lance gets pelted, he shouts out for the alert on the Canola campsite about the attacks. Unbeknownst to Lance, Mullet places a hook into Lance's pant with Billy hijacks the Jeep where they both starts to drive away and yanks his pants off that exposes his underwear, making him cover himself in embarrassment. As Lance chases some of the Driftwood kids down, they lifts his pants up on the Canola's flagpole where Driftwoods flag that he stole from their campsite during the Canola's raid, much to his horror. Lance demands them to give his pants back, but Buck only gives him was a towel to clean himself as a final insult before Buck and the Driftwoods kids runs away with the rests drives away in the Jeep out of the Canola campsite. Defeated, Lance angrily shouts out at the Driftwoods for attacking against him. Ironically, Bobby and the several Canola campers appears on time and laughs at his predicament, much to Lance's humiliation. Lance orders his son inside the cabin and replaces with a shorts.

After Buck and Driftwood kids returns from getting revenge on Lance for getting his campers to steal the Camp Driftwood flag, Lance returns and then responds by challenges Charlie and Camp Driftwood to the Camp Olympiad, but the kids have to train for it until Lance and his son derisively mocks Charlie about it and Buck being Charlie's father. Charlie heads back inside his office while Lance started mocking him to making him forfeit the Olympiad. Just as Lance and Bobby is about leave, Charlie furiously throws the spear of honor aside and confronts him that he'll accept his challenge. Lance and Bobby left the Driftwood's campsite.

On the day of the Olympiad while Charlie reconciles with Buck for his improvement, Canola begins to cheat with every illegal methods (such as in Fire Making Competition with a Propane & Three Legged Race with a hidden string trap), making the Driftwoods discouraged. After Buck and Charlie returns, the Driftwoods kids reports that they found out that Camp Canola is cheating in the every Olympiad, and have been doing so for several past years; this is especially true when it's revealed that Charlie lost to Lance when they were kids. Learning from this, Buck forms a plan with Driftwood kids including Charlie, Phil & Dale by outsmarting the Camp Canola. During the Wrestling Match as everyone awaits for Driftwood with Lance also complaints impatiently, Charlie, Buck & Dale returns with Max covered with the Skunk's stink to make his big Canola opponent to faint in split second. The Driftwoods manages to easily beat the Canola (which is from Jack's vomit at the Tug of War, Mullet's excellent marksmanship at Archery Range, Robert's balance at Two Person Spoon Relay & Billy's invincibility at Marshmallow Eating Contest). Once at the Balloon Toss, Lance have Bobby to sabotage Mullet's water balloon with a slingshot as Lance sarcastically applause about their camper for losing one water balloon. But it was foiled by Becca and Billy that causes Bobby's panic to distract the other Canola campers where they both ended up getting splashed by their water balloons before Carl manages to catches his water balloon that allows the Driftwoods to reach the finals, much to Lance's annoyance.

At the final challenge, Lance starts mocking Charlie about his misfortune. When Mullet is injured to participate the Canola course, Charlie lets Ben anticipate the racing and climbing course since Ben knows how to climb, but he falls as Lance mocks Ben about his failure like Charlie. However, Becca supports Ben and shows everyone that Lance greased the wall, making everyone shocked to realize that Lance cheated in every game in the Olympiad, including to an outraged Charlie who furiously catcalls him and Canola out for their cheating activities after Lances tried to lie about his actions, which everyone still doesn't take any of it. While Bobby is climbing the wall, Ben uses the tree next to it to climb with enough time left to hit the bell, thus giving the Driftwood to finally win the Olympiad as their spectators cheers at the Driftwood’s victory with Charlie and Ben's heartwarming celebrations while the Canola spectators leaves Lance out of disgust.

Afterwards, Lance denigrates Bobby for his failure to his attempts on the Canola finals. Bobby, fed up with Lance's attitude and denying of being his father, angrily turns against Lance and kicks him for it, making him stumble backward on the wall's supports. This causes the wall topple backwards and falls on top of a nearby Canola trophies display, smashing and shattering the trophies instantly as result, much to his dismay.

A humiliated Lance is last seen sobbing hysterically over the damage of his trophies. Meanwhile, all of the parents who originally sent their kids to Camp Canola, especially with the one that pulled the ones out of Driftwood, asking Charlie about signing their kids to Driftwood than Canola after learning about Lance's true nature which Charlie happily agrees and allows all of the parents to sign-in, therefore saving the Camp Driftwood from foreclosures.

It is unknown what happened to Lance Warner after all of the parents sent their children to Driftwood. Since he's exposed as cheater, it can be implied that Camp Canola shut down and went into bankruptcy which has similar to the Driftwood Camp he tries to buy and tear it all down.


Lance is an egotistical, untrustworthy, manipulative, abusive, conniving, vituperative, rude, abusive, despicable, snooty, uncaring and extremely deceitful bully who is the owner of the popular rival Camp Canola. In all his years as a Canola camper, he would beat Charlie Hinton to the final event, and he has won nearly every Olympiad, considering the fact that he was his childhood enemy and bully. Years later, he was the main proprietor of Camp Canola, surpassing Camp Driftwood's popularity, which dwindled. He also had a son, Bobby J, which he truly neglects, thus lying about not being his father. Even as an adult, he still relishes in tormenting Charlie.

His deceitful nature is revealed when he and his campers cheated their way to winning the Olympiad that the Driftwoods were challenging in. After he lost to Charlie and Ben in the final event, in which the Driftwoods won. He questions Bobby J's lame attempt to winning big time, and Bobby J retaliates by telling him that he was the one who was stupid, not him. His defeat was getting kicked in the shin and he fell to the ground, resulting to the climbing wall toppling and crushing his trophies. Lance's final appearance was when he was bawling uncontrollably over his destroyed Canola trophies.


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