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Land Fist Demon Maku is the original founder of the Rinjuken Akugata as well as the leader of the Three Fist Demons and a major antagonist in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.



Maku was originally one of the ten apprentices of Brusa E, the original founder of the Juken style. However, after meeting Long, Maku was inspired to create the Rinjuken Akugata style and was joined by Kata and Rageku, with the three coming to be known as the "Three Fist Demons". The three then betrayed and killed their former master before setting up their own school to spread Rinjuken Akugata across the land. In response, the seven remaining students of Juken formed the GekiJuken school and fought the GekiJuken in the GekiRin Rebellion, which ended in the Three Fist Demons being killed and having their spirits sealed by the seven Fist Sages of GekiJuken.


In the present day, Maku was revived by Rio in a fury after his defeat against the Gekirangers, thinking the Fist Demon could train him to be stronger. However, after his revival, Maku refused to train Rio and instead took back mastery of the Rinjuken Akugata, declaring a new Juken Rebellion.

In response to Maku's refusal to train him, Rio began to seek out more power in the form of the Fury Confrontation Ki. Maku soon found out where he was going and attempted to go after him, but was stopped by Long. Later on, Maku attempted to fight Rio once again but Rio was able to match him without even assuming his Black Lion form. Infuriated, Maku attempts to prove himself the stronger one by the defeating the Gekirangers.

Maku thus attacks the city with a massive army of Rinshi to draw out the Gekirangers. He at first manages to best four of them but is soon overpowered and defeated by Super Geki Red. He then enlarges and initially manages to overpower the Gekirangers in their mecha, only to be destroyed by the Gekirangers' newest formation SaiDaiGekiFire.

His Confrontation Ki is later transferred to Jan by Rio during the final battle, who utilizes it to merge his style with his own, unifying the two schools.


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