I love it when an evil plot comes together.
~ Lanny Parker after Mason's kidnapping.

Lanny Parker is the main antagonist and anti-hero at the series finale from the Disney XD TV series Pair of Kings.

He is portrayed by Ryan Ochoa.


Lanny is the cousin of King Boomer and King Brady. He was originally the heir to the throne until Brady and Boomer were chosen to be the rulers of Kinkow instead. Since then, Lanny has been attempting to get rid of or kill them. Most of Lanny's plans fail, but he has actually succeeded in a few episodes where he has (temporarily) become king. This is usually thwarted by some sort of predicament and gets Brady and Boomer back on the throne. While most of the characters are aware about Lanny's hatred against the kings, Boomer and Brady are often easily manipulated by Lanny's plans and believe he is kindly helping them.

His most prized possesion is Yamakoshi, his talking pet fish, who sometimes helps him with his plans.

The closest time he ever came to murdering the kings was when he fired a cannon, which missed by two inches away from Brady's face. He thinks about ways to kill the kings before he sleeps. As next in line for the throne, Lanny has a certain position of power, enough to be able to force some of the residents of Kinkow into doing his bidding. He also cracks many jokes, mostly offensive.


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