Lar, also known as Large Mysterious Sphere, is the main villain and final boss from Aero Fighters 2/Sonic Wings 2. Lar is an alien entity sent to earth to exterminate humans after the destruction of Fata Morgana. Lar emerged from the Aztec ruins in Mexico and immediately started his attack upon mankind. After an interception attempt from Project Blue, it is discovered that Fata Morgana still exists and is on the move again, now controlled by Lar. In an unknown location at the Middle East, Project Blue's pilots find an ancient temple, where the final forces of Fata Morgana had hidden themselves. There, Lar appears and engage in battle with them, but ultimately ends destroyed.

Lar takes the form of a black sphere with an eye, being capable of manifesting multiple appendages such as big cannons and a huge arm. Once again the battle is timed: if he is not destroyed, a bad ending will ensue, showing him destroying the world.

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