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Lardak Lurdak

Lardak Lurdak is an antagonist in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and John Kassir.


He was a low-ranking criminal often found on Tradeworld. In his first appearance, "The Planet Destroyer", Lardak Lurdak purchases a drink from a vendor with counterfeit money, but the vendor turns out to be Buzz Lightyear in disguise. Mira Nova tries to arrest him, but Lardak grabs her and throws her into Buzz as he tries to make his getaway on his hoverbike. Once Buzz and Mira disentangle themselves, Buzz pulls out a gun and fires a tracer that latches on to Lardak's bike. Confident that they can catch up to the criminal, he contacts Booster on his wrist communicator to pinpoint Lardak's location. However, Booster and XR, in orbit around Tradeworld on 42, are experiencing a strange signal jamming their equipment, preventing them from picking up the tracer's signal. Buzz and Mira decide to collar Lardak the old-fashioned way and set off in pursuit.

They weave through traffic and buildings, and when Lardak goes in one direction, Buzz and Mira split up, with Buzz still pursuing him and Mira flying off in another direction. Lardak, spotting Buzz following him, fires at a sign hoping that it will crush the Ranger, but it snags upon the sides of two buildings, leaving Buzz unscathed. However, it provides enough of a distraction for Buzz to fly past Lardak's hiding location in the recesses of a building. Lardak thinks he's safe, but Mira ghosts through the wall behind him and slaps handcuffs on him before he can react. Buzz finds them and together, Mira and Buzz take Lardak into custody, much to Lardak's anger.

As they take Lardak to Star Command, they witness Trade World being seemingly eradicated by a weapon (built by Emperor Zurg), that even Lardak is shocked by this turn of events. Feeling relieved that he's in custody, Lardak finally concedes defeat and demands to be locked up forever.


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