Large Hatchet Mask is the eleventh of Black Cross Iron Man Mask General Temujin's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Hiroshi Masuoka.

Character History

Large Hatchet Mask was used as part of a tactic by Temujin to capture Akira Shinmei and the Gorenger's airship Variblune in order to drop their special bombs onto cities throughout the world, seeing Aorenger as the best pilot to be able to handle the maneuver. Lead to a specific spot by a spy planted within EAGLE, Shinmei is assaulted and fights Large Hatchet Mask until its Large Hatchet Clones strike him down, allowing him to be captured. Shinmei is confronted by Temujin and the spy who force him to become hypnotised to their mission so the other Gorenger would not be blown up, with the Masked Monster likewise coming with to make sure that Shinmei does what he's supposed to.

Just as Aorenger was forced into Variblune to fly it for the Black Cross, he uses an electric shock within the airship to free himself from the chip planted on him by them and used Variblune to escape from their clutches. Large Hatchet Mask pursues the Gorenger and faces them off; when it uses Large Hatchet Clone once again, Aorenger uses a "triple Blue Cherry" to attack all of the clone hatchets to prevent from being hit again. The Gorenger then use a Gorenger Storm New Power to transform into a log which Large Hatchet Mask ends up slicing, blowing him up to his demise.

Powers and Abilities

Large Hatchet Mask's main weapon is a huge axe-like hatchet staff that it uses to chop trees that it uses to attack opponents alongside itself. It also uses the hatchet on its head to attack; as well as a special "Large Hatchet Clone" attack to split itself and its hatchets into three that it can use for a simultaneous attack.


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