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How do you morons even breathe?!
~ Larry

Larry is the secondary antagonist of Eddsworld episode "Spares". He works as an assistant and a minion of Bing. However, when he offers a good advice to Bing, he always ignores it.

He was voiced by the late Edd Gould.


Larry accompanies Bing when he finds out only four people (Edd and his friends) watch his movies. Ignoring Larry's advice, Bing uses the gang's DNA left on their cinema seats to create their clones to have more viewers for his movies. However, when the movie ends, the Clones left the cinema and disappear, forcing Bing and Larry to look for them.

While looking for them, Bing and Larry ask a man if he saw a group of identical looking people, but he only shows them a twin convention nearby. Larry then notices a trail of Coke cans, but Bing says "those could be anyone's cans!" Larry picks up one can and shows Bing the sticky note which says that they belong to Edd. Bing says that "that could be any Edd!" Larry shows him the picture of Edd taped to the other side of the can. Bing starts out saying that "that could be any clone!", but Bing has noticed his error and stops.

Later, they end up in front of Edd's house where the trail leads to a sewer. Bing makes a theory about that the Clones all went underground, became mutant wizards, went into hibernation and will wake up, start an underground civilization and take over the world. After that, one of the Clones flies out of the window and hits Bing, causing Larry to say "Or maybe they're behind you.".

Bing and Larry enter the house, only to find out that Edd and his friends have just killed all Clones, except one who looks exactly like Matt . Unable to learn which one of them is real Matt, the gang decides to let both of them alive and throw Tom to a garbage can outside. Bing and Larry then join Edd, Tord and both Matts in their living room. Bing says a bad joke and everyone except Larry starts laughing. Larry then yells at them: "How do you morons even breathe ?!".

Larry appears in the stack of photos seen in the opening of The End Part 1.

Larry and Bing also appear briefly (neither voiced) in The End Part 2 as one the people Tom attempts to stay with after leaving Edd's House.


  • Larry's eye-patch switches eyes several times.


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