Larry is a shrew agent of D.O.O.M. and Snaptrap's brother-in-law. Larry's constant abuse by Snaptrap—which includes being shot, thrown in the shark tank, or used as a basketball—is a running gag in the series.


Larry is seen as somewhat of an underdog in this series. Most of the things that he says or suggests to Snaptrap usually result in him being yelled at or punished. Because of this, Larry is rather bitter, insulting, vituperative, and acrimonious towards his boss, and will take many opportunities to give him backtalk and complain about the trouble their team goes through. Nonetheless, he appears to enjoy being a D.O.O.M. agent and likes causing missdeeds in Petropolis. He has a little bit of a temper and dosen't usually have very much patience for incompetence, but that dosen't mean he himself is above doing silly things or making mistakes.


Larry as the leader of G.L.O.O.M., with his name changed to Murray.

He is also shown to be a very skilled and resourceful leader, such as when he formed his own agency called G.L.O.O.M., which was actually much more successful then D.O.O.M. and many other villains' attemps to commit crime. A big part of his agency's temporary success was the fact that he was smart enough to not tell T.U.F.F. his plans, which is something that Snaptrap and other villains are well-known for doing. However, it was thanks to Snaptrap that his plans were foiled. Also, judging from the title of his his former G.L.O.O.M. agency, it would appear that Larry thinks very highly of himself, with "Genius Larry's Order Of Mayhem" in the title.

Role in the series

Larry is an accident-prone D.O.O.M. agent who is constantly suffering abuse from his brother-in-law, Verminious Snaptrap. However, he rebels against D.O.O.M. in Doom and Gloom by making an agency of his own, called G.L.O.O.M (which stands for Genius Larry's Order Of Mayhem), but he eventually joined back with D.O.O.M. at the end of the episode. He is usually seen being thrown in the shark tank, or used to create a lot of weapons for D.O.O.M., although later in the series he hasn't. Larry has also starred in the game T.U.F.F. Puppy: Unleashed. His special power is to heal any player of choice (on D.O.O.M.'s side however). He could also throw muffins at an enemy.


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