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Larry Grimley is the main antagonist in Tony Hawk: Boom Boom Sabotage. He is the ringleader of once a popular circus.

He was voiced by Michael Dobson.


At the beginning of the movie, Larry was first seen disappointed at watching a news report about how his circus was once very popular in the town of Lincolnville until his cousin, the mayor of the town, shut down his circus and imploded it as he said the circus was a thing of the past. His right hand man, Hamshank, entered his trailer to tell him the circus performers are waiting for him. Mr. Grimley looked outside his trailer and was sad to see his performers mope around with no career. He joined with them and told them that he will meet with the mayor and urge him to let his circus to be in the town's civic center.

In Lincolnville, Larry was seen having a discussion with his cousin, begging him to give him a show, but the mayor refused, telling him that people are now into skateboarding as he discussed about Tony Hawk's arrival for his show. Larry, outraged, ripped off the mayor's hair, revealing it to be a wig, and demanded a show on Thursday night at the civic center before leaving with his hair piece, thus angering the mayor.

Later, he was ordering his circus performers around at their camp grounds,


He was shown to be crazy throughout the movie, as he was eager to make his circus famous again.

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