I dare you to look at a panda and not laugh.
~ Larry telling Apu to look at his pandas without laughing.

Lawrence "Larry" Kidkill is the main antagonist of the 1999 Simpsons episode "Eight Misbehavin'". He is a zoo owner who tried to make Apu's Octuplets one of his attractions.

He was voiced by the late Garry Marshall.

Role in the episode

When Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and his wife Manjula have eight babies, octuplets, that were the result of fertility drugs, they reluctantly allow Mr. Kidkill to let the babie live at his zoo. When they learn that Larry is exploiting their babies, they are outraged and plan to liberate his children from the zoo, but Kidkill will not let them because they are under contract. Later Apu sneaks into the zoo with Homer at night so they can rescue the octuplets. Unfortunately, Homer accidentally wakes up the nanny, who sounds the alarm.

They quickly rush the octuplets to the Simpson household only for Kidkill to track them there. Homer manages to negotiate that he perform at the zoo through a new contract with a new act. After Kidkill refuses his original act, which is an act where he rides a tricycle with Butch Patrick on his shoulders, both of them dressed as Eddie Munster, on a stage as both are being attacked by cobras.


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