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Larry Sellers was a minor villain in the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski.

He was portrayed by Jesse Flanagan.


Larry was the son of Arthur Digby Sellers, who had written a large number of episodes of the television series Branded. In the fall of 1991 Arthur lived with his son and housekeeper Pilar in a small home on Radford in North Hollywood near the Camrose In-n-Out Burger.

One night he and his friends spotted the The Dude's car at a bowling alley, and decided to take the old beat up car out for a spin. Running it into an abutment, Larry and his friends abandoned the car, taking the briefcase left in the car with them. However Larry left some of his homework, which showed he was not exactly the brightest bulb in the class.

Discovering the homework, The Dude turned it over to his friend Walter Sobchak, who was able to track down Larry Sellers.

Going to his house, the pair confronted Larry. Larry refused to talk even as Walter became angrier and angrier. Larry was unmoved even when Walter began trashing a new Corvette he thought belonged to Larry while yelling at Larry to see what happens when one had relations with a stranger (or found him in the Alps in the tv version). Walter quickly discovered that the car belonged to one of Larry's neighbor, who trashed the Dude's car even more in retaliation.

The Dude later told both Jackie Treehorn and Maude Lebowski that Larry had the briefcase, saying that he should be a pushover and that Larry was a real brat.


  • Larry did not speak at all in the film.