Larry and Natasha

Larry and Natasha are the main antagonists of the Fillmore! episode "The Currency of Doubt". They are a duo of student dancers of X Middle School.

Larry was voiced by Michael Welch, and Natasha was voiced by Jennifer Hale.


Larry and Natasha started out as a loving duo, but something went wrong when they broke up for unknown reasons. Ever since then, Natasha became real hard while teaching two students named Toby and Tina to dance, but despite their breakup, both Larry and Natasha became jealous that Tina and Toby are becoming more popular than they were due to their skills.

Getting back together, both Larry and Natasha formed up a plan to split the duo. Upon learning that Toby has a stash of smoits that he collected for himself and Tina and that he has a debt to pay with a smoit-collecting casino, Larry slipped in cheese eggs in Toby's lunchbox, knowing that Toby is allergic to them. As Toby ran off for medical attention, Natasha stole the stash and hid it away from sight.

When Fillmore and Third investigated the crime scene of the theft, they learned about Toby's debt before confronting him about it, resulting Tina to break off her partnership with Toby. However, Fillmore and Third found out about the cheese eggs and traced them back to the store that sold them, only to be jumped by a hooded figure. However, during the dance competition, Fillmore and Third noticed Tina making a move similar to the hooded person, and that Fillmore stated he saw a pink dress earlier at Home Economics. Fillmore asked if Tina was going to wear the dress, but Tina stated that girls with blonde hair wear pink dress. It was then Fillmore and Third realized Larry and Natasha pretended to split up and stole the smoits by breaking Toby and Tina's relationship to mend their own.

With that in mind, Fillmore and Third confronted the duo and managed to take them down. Unfortunately, the smoit stash is stolen by Paulie, who intends to escape with it as he's moving away out of town with his family. However, Tina, overhearing what has happened, intercepts Paulie and throws the smoits away, much to Paulie's distraught. While Tina and Toby reconcile with each other, Larry and Natasha are taken into custody and given either detention or suspension for their villainous actions.


  • Larry's voice actor, Michael Welch also did the vocal sound effects of Mr. Whiskers from Disney/Tim Burton's 2012 stop-motion animated film Frankenweenie.


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