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You should have kept your mouth shut. Now, we are going to shut it for you. Cormac, feed the dog.
~ Lars to Arthur Tigre before having him killed by Cormac.
As you can see, I don't like to repeat myself. So, which one of you is interpol?
~ Lars to Cyrus and his crew after killing a Leviathan leader.

Lars Jorgensen is the main antagonist of 2024 Netflix heist comedy film Lift.

He is a French-Italian banker turned terrorist mastermind with the intent of funding terror groups and organizations for monetary gain. His status as an investment analyst supported his occupation as an art collector with several connections with black-market art dealers.

He was portrayed by Jean Reno, who also played Franz Krieger in Mission: Impossible, Alexi Petrovich in Rollerball, Le Frog in Flushed Away, Quinn in Armored, Giles Mercier in Alex Cross, Reinaldo Gómez in Who Killed Sara? and Desroche in Da Fifth Bloods.


Camila: Why would anyone do something like this?
Cyrus: He'll sacrifice anyone to make a profit. And these are just the starters, the main course is in ten days.
~ Cyrus and his gang depicting the kind of person Lar Jorgensen truly is.

Lars is a greedy bankroller whose desire for monetary compensation knows no boundaries and lacks any empathetic qualities to all the lives lost thanks to his attacks. To him, Lars would sweep off and risk many lives, even millions at best, if it meant getting what he wanted, and should things fall out on his favor, he would resort to violence. Incapable of accepting sellouts and failure, he indulges in punishing those associated with him or hired by chance, first demonstrated by having Arthur Tigue executed by being maimed alive by Cormac's dog.

While he considered wanting to hire Cyrus and his crew, he was prepared to kill Cyrus and his team in the question of Cormac's whereabouts and still tried to kill them anyway. He also seems to cower easily at the risk of losing all his wealth to Leviathan should their payment of gold not be delivered in time.


He was born in Milan, speaks nine languages, and got his degrees from LLB, LUILL University and LLM, University of Tuscany, followed by having at least five passports (one of them being Swiss and at least French from a degree) and lives in a villa in Tuscany. Lars started out as a legitimate bankroller from the start, eventually not only was he into buying numerous artworks across the world via black marketing, but he also paying terrorist groups to orchestrate numerous attacks and events that cost the deaths of countless people, as well as manipulating many irrelevant stock markets and utilities, especially airline stocks, globally for the benefit of compensation on his end of the bargain. In one of his attacks, he caused an attack on a New Zealand plane that led to 183 innocent people dead, which plummeted the airline stock and gained monetary benefit out of it.

In one of his most recent schemes, he hired Leviathan, a hacker group, to plunder off utilities, dams, and even water grids to instigate a massive strike on water on a likely global level, which would lead to flooding an entire city, causing mass drought over an entire country if possible, with the risk of millions being endangered, if not, killed as a result for monetary gain once again, paying the group in gold (half a billion dollars) in 17 days. One of the associates, Arthur Tigue, was captured for smuggling and confessed to these exact plans. After Tigue's release within a month, he ordered Cormac, his right-hand, to deal with him inside a warehouse shed. Calling by screen, Lars and Cormac would interrogate him about selling out his plans, only to be reassured that the first half was talked about, though the other half was somehow known otherwise. As punishment, Lars has Cormac's dog maim and eat Arthur alive.

Changing the transfer of the gold to 10 days from now, Lars begins having Leviathan erupt a flooding on Madrid, Spain. Live news showcases reports of several streets and subways flooded, followed by pipes in homes starting to leak nonstop, with a confirmation of 13 casualties (though numbers were expected to rise soon) and dozens of people struggling to survive the flooding by climbing up their roofs. As indicated, this was just the first step in his attacks, and the water strike would likely continue in other countries under different circumstances. He's later seen having a call with one of the members of Leviathan, impressed with their work with flooding Madrid, as one of them stated he wanted "proof" of the group being the real deal. He calls off the demonstration since they did great, only for the member to request their payment be prepared, ending the call.

He then tasked Cormac and a few of his men to handle delivering the gold by plane, flying to Zurich. However, Cyrus Whitaker, Agent Abby Gladwell, and his crew were under the operation of stealing the crate of gold, unbeknownst having replaced it with a decoy crate full of gold-painted iron bars, as they engaged in conflict with them. As Cyrus, Abby, Magnus, and Camila are cornered, Lars gets a call from Cormac regarding the situation when he's told about the former and their plans to take the delivery, only to provide the idea of "helping them" and already have the gold delivered as planned in an hour. Eventually, several members of Leviathan, the woman being the leader, meet Lars in person as they discuss the circumstances of the gold delivery, Lars assures that it was "part of the plan" to distract the authorities. When it's revealed the leader of Leviathan knows the locations of Lars' bank accounts and vaults in Caymans, Monaco, Panama, Switzerland, Singapore, and the Maldives, he starts to unease and continues to assure it will be here for an hour.

To everyone's surprise, Lars and members of Leviathan witnessed Cyrus and his crew's jet crash land on his compound's entrance. Taking full caution over the situation, Lars would take gunpoint on Cyrus and his crew when questioning Cormac's whereabouts. Though Leviathan prepares to take a leave and the leader receives a text (sent by Mi-Sun) that one of them is Interpol, giving her more reason to back out, causing Lars to shoot her in the leg and later fatally shot her dead when she refuses to continue with the deal. Going back on Cyrus and company to find which one of them is an Interpol official, which Cyrus lied about being the federal agent "Gladwell" to protect Abby and Camila as Lars proceed to shoot him.

Unfortunately, the police arrived at the scene as Abby accused him of shooting the Leviathan's leader and being the real Agent Gladwell. Due to how wealthy he is, he tries to accuse them of property damage and claims he was trying to "defend himself". It wasn't long until Cyrus had a backup plan in mind, which thanks to the NFT belonging to N8, he used the camera features of said NFT to expose Lars killing the leader in front of the police, causing him to be arrested for his attacks.


  • In the final scene before his arrest, when Jorgensen shoots a female Leviathan representative, the handling of his pistol is a reference to Leone "Léon" Montana (the titular anti-heroic protagonist who was also played by Reno) from The Professional, with his style of handling pistols echoing the actor's real-life military training and service in the French Army.

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