Larson tra

Larson Conway is one of the main villains appearing in the video game Tomb Raider and the remake Tomb Raider Anniversary. He also plays a minor role in Tomb Raider Chronicles.


Tomb Raider

In the original Tomb Raider, Larson is a Texan former U.S. marine and a mercenary hired by the evil Jaqueline Natla to retrieve the missing pieces of an ancient artefact called the scion before the treasure hunter Lara Croft finds them. He is portraid as not being very intelligent and dresses in a red shirt and jeans. He is shot down by Lara during a gun fight in Natla's mines.

Tomb Raider Chronicles

In Tomb Raider Chronicles, he reappears in a level supposedly based before the first game. He in Rome with another hunter searching for the Philosopher's Stone that has been found by Lara. He is last seen falling down a hole after three gargoyle heads come to life and toss him into it.

Although this game is based in the original Tomb Raider continuity, there are some inconsistences. For example, the mission in Rome takes place before Tomb Raider, but when she meets him in the first game she doesn't know who he is, and at the end of level he falls down a hole and there is no explanation given to how he survived the fall.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

With Tomb Raider Anniversary being a remake, the events unfold very similar to the first game although there are some differences. He is portrayed as being more intelligent than in the original and not as hostile, he often tries to avoid using lethal force against Lara and wears a blue shirt instead of a red one. He dies in a similar way to the first game, only here Lara feels much more regret after killing him.