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More pain for you means more fun for me!
~ Larxene.

Larxene, the Savage Nymph (in Japanese: 非情の妖姫, Hijō no Yōki, lit. Callous Vixen), is a recurring antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series, and the Nobody of Elrena, a member of the Dandelions. She is the twelfth member of Organization XIII as well as being the only official female member of the team (with Xion being an unofficial member), and also has a very sadistic nature. She wields a set of knives named Foudre and the power of thunder, which she uses for quick and lethal attacks.

She is voiced by Yuko Miyamura in Japanese and by Shanelle Workman in English.



Elrena, Larxene's original self.

Elrena was a Keyblade Wielder during the age of fairy tales. As her original self she was a member of the Dandelions. She first appears when Lauriam (Marluxia's original self) seeks her to ask about his missing sister Strelitzia, since she and Elrena were often going in missions together. She is very willing to help Lauriam to the point that even her Chirithy states that is not her usual behaviour since she normally doesn't care about other people.

Through unknown means, she and several other Keyblade wielders were spared from the desolation of the Keyblade War and ended up in the current timeline before losing their hearts to darkness. Elrena's empty vessel became the Nobody named Larxene who was recruited into Organization XIII.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Larxene appears as a playable character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days' mission mode and a minor character in story mode. She is ranked number 12 within the organization, and joins Marluxia in his plot to overthrow Xemnas as they are assigned to Castle Oblivion to manipulate and control Sora.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Larxene is the secondary antagonist of Sora's storyline during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, appearing frequently to taunt Sora and taking delight in the rage and agony she spurs in him.

Nevertheless, Larxene's cruelty was ultimately proven to be her own undoing; after she discovers Axel's unexpected betrayal and sees her plans with Marluxia have fallen apart, her friendly manner vanishes and she attacks Sora in a rage. Ultimately, she pushes Sora, Donald and Goofy too far and suffers their combined wrath after hurting Naminé and trying to kill them. She ends up being defeated and, surprisingly in death, she sounds out a cry of what appears as sadness as she is fading. 

Kingdom Hearts II

Although she does not have a role in Kingdom Hearts II, she appears as an optional boss in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, where the location of her Absent Silhouette is located at Port Royal, as well as in the Data Battles with the other Organization members.

Kingdom Hearts III

Are you kidding? (Sora: You're gonna be re-completed.) I didn't ask for your garbage opinion, I'VE LOST! To a bunch of losers like you! But... could be worse.. become that geezer's heart tank? No thanks. (Sora: Then why help him?) Hmph.. I was really just along for the ride. (Sora: With?) My secret.
~ Larxene telling Sora the reason why she joined the Organization, implying that she joined only to be with Marluxia

Larxene returns in Kingdom Hearts III, as a member of the real Organization XIII. Her sadistic nature is more toned down (presumably from being defeated by Sora) and she appears to be more patient, calculative, and cautious. She also appears to have little interest in Xehanort's plans.

She encounters Sora again in Arendelle where she explains that said world has a Princess of Heart and she believes it to be Elsa. However, Anna's actions cause her to think Anna could be the Princess she is looking for. Ultimatly, she learns that both Anna and Elsa are Princesses of Heart, and leaves to report this information to Xehanort.

Larxene is present with Marluxia at the Keyblade Graveyard when she proposed another coup. This time, however, Marluxia rejects the offer saying it would be pointless, since they were only brought in to be vessels for Master Xehanort. Demyx and Luxord soon arrive as well, much to Larxene's chagrin that they too are part of the True Organization XIII. Their superior Xemnas appears to meet with them about why those four were chosen for both the original and current Organization.

Larxene tells Sora she joined the Organization to be with someone, but she keeps as secret who the person is.

Larxene incorrectly answers that their hearts are "uber powerful" as Xemnas reveals the real reason; the four of them have a connection to the Keyblade legacy from the age of fairy tales, with Larxene being the most visibly shocked of them all.

Later in the final battle, Larxene, Luxord and Marluxia are fighting Mickey until Sora gives the King backup, and Larxene is defeated again. While she is angered by her second defeat, she does not respond to death in fear. Larxene accepts her fate, and dies with dignity, choosing death over being a vessel for Xehanort. She genuinely smiles at Sora when telling him her reasons for "going along for the ride" are secret before fading away, implying that she only joined the old and the real Organization to be with Marluxia. She later was presumably reborn as her former complete self.


  • Her element is fitting for her temper, which "strikes like lightning".
  • All of Larxene's knives have French names; for instance, her signature knives are named "Foudre," French for "lightning."
  • Her knife-wielding fits her personality; she is sharp-tongued, and often "sticks the knife in".
  • Demyx is known to greatly dislike her, even referring to her as a "witch".
  • Shanelle Workman, the English voice of Larxene, is also known for narrating some of Wendy's commercials around the remake's release date. Coincidentally, at one point, Larxene says Burger King's slogan, "Have it your way."
  • Though not officially canon, one of the Kingdom Hearts novels reveals a different side of Larxene's personality; when asked why she wanted a heart so badly, she had gone silent in thought before saying that a heart was not really necessary. She felt having one was painful, and she was fine with the way things are now, perhaps implying that she was hurt emotionally for most of her original self's life and that lacking a heart keeps the pain at bay. Considering her past self is revealed to be Elrena, this might in fact end up being true.

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