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Larys Strong is a historical figure from A Song of Ice and Fire. He was the younger son of Lord Lyonel Strong of Harrenhal, and younger brother of Ser Harwin Strong. Larys was known as Larys Clubfoot due to his clubfoot.

Larys and Harwin were brought to court by their father Lyonel when he joined Viserys I's Small Council. Harwin was suspected of having an affair with the King's declared heir Rhaenyra Targaryen, fathering her three sons during her marriage to Laenor Velaryon. Later Lyonel and Harwin died in a mysterious fire at Harrenhal. Many were blamed, including Larys, as with the deaths of his father and elder brother he became Lord of Harrenhal. Larys served on the Small Council as Master of Whisperers.

When Viserys died the Small Council met and decided to crown his eldest son from his second marriage, Aegon II Targaryen, King instead of making Rhaenyra Queen. Larys declared they should swear a blood oath. However the following year Rhaenyra took King's Landing while Aegon was wounded and his brothers were away. Larys disguised Aegon as a commoner and spirited him to Dragonstone, reasoning that Rhaenyra would never think to look for her half-brother on her fortress. Aegon spent half a year there disguised as one of the dragonseed smallfolk. Later contact was made with people on the island dissatisfied with Rhaenyra and the castle of Dragonstone was taken. Rhaenyra had been forced to flee King's Landing due to her oppressive actions making the people rise against her, and with her eldest surviving son Aegon "the Younger", by her second husband and uncle Daemon Targaryen. On Dragonstone she was captured by Aegon II's forces and fed to his dragon.

Aegon and Larys returned to King's Landing. However an army led by Lord Cregan Stark approached the city, loyal to Rhaenyra's cause. Aegon told his men to cut of his nephew's ear and send it to the opposing forces. However he was then found poisoned, making his nephew Aegon III. Cregan took the position of Hand for the young King and arrested many for poisoning the King, including Larys Strong. Larys chose death over the Wall and was executed by Cregan, thus ending the main branch of House Strong.

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