Hee hee hee... Hm? Broken already?
~ Lash upon victory in Black Hole Rising.

Lash is Black Hole's resident technological genius, responsible for inventing much of their technology, as well as one of their Commanding Officers. She is a major antagonist in Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising and an anti-hero in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.


Lash acts childish and socially underdeveloped. In battle, she has a careless and cheerful attitude. She seems somewhat arrogant, as shown how she sometimes refers to herself as a genius. She appears to be remorseless and cruel, which is shown by the fact that she enjoys the destruction her inventions create.


Early life

Not much is known about Lash's past. However it is clear that she spent her time inventing machines. It could be a possibility that she withdrew herself from society. This would explain why she's socially underdeveloped.

Black Hole Rising

Ooh! You're so annoying! I'm gonna have to get rid of you now!
~ Lash

Lash was at some point recruited into Black Hole. She designed many of their superweapons and other weapons of warfare for them to use. She was later tasked by Sturm with invading and conquering the nation of Blue Moon. However, her forces are pushed back by Blue Moon's COs and she is forced to retreat.

Dual Strike

Game over freak!
~ Lash

Lash later reappears alongside Hawke as a member of Black Hole under the leadership of the Bolt Guard. However, she and Hawke are betrayed and driven out by Von Bolt and his Oozium-238s. The two end up joining the Allied Nations and assist them in stopping Von Bolt's plans.



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