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Villain Overview

NAAAAAH! You meddling do-gooder gringos! I'll get the Corazón back if it's the last thing I ever do!!
~ Lasombra
You meddling— You don't understand capitalism!
~ Lasombra's threat to the Green-Eyed Children.
Lasombra: May I have your attention? There's been a misunderstanding which I would like to correct. I am not Eduardo. I am Lasombra! And you are now my prisoners.
Arnold: NO!
Lasombra: And you will remain my prisoners until this football headed boy shows me where to find the Corazon!
~ Lasombra revealing his true identity.

Lasombra is the overarching antagonist of the Hey Arnold! cartoon franchise. He first briefly appeared in a flashback in the hour-long Hey Arnold! episode "The Journal" and was the main antagonist of the 2017 TV film Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. He was Arnold's overall and main arch-nemesis and his worst enemy.

He was a ruthless and greedy river pirate who sought to steal the Corazon (a highly valuable ancient artifact) from the Green-Eyed People tribe and was successful until Miles and Stella Shortman stole it away from him. His ongoing quest to retrieve the stone came to fruition as he lures Miles and Stella's son Arnold there while posing as their friend Eduardo under the pretense of helping Arnold find Miles and Stella, only to take him and his class hostage and threaten them all.

In the series, he was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. In the film, he was voiced by Alfred Molina, who also played Satipo in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Reverend Leland Drury in White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf, Snidely Whiplash in Dudley Do-Right, Johann Tetzel in Luther, Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, Bishop Manuel Aringarosa in The Da Vinci Code, Professor Jeffries in Chill Out, Scooby-Doo!, Rippen from Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, Maxim Horvath in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Ke-Pa in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Destiny in Justice League Dark, Mr. Freeze in Harley Quinn and The Duke in Solar Opposites.


Laosmbra is a wrathful, egotistical pirate, motivated by greed. While most of his pirates were capable of harming Children without any remorse, Lasombra shows that he is a step above by showing that he is willing to harm even his minions, and sometimes showing that he is taking sadistic pleasure from attacking children and seeing them in a near death situation.

Lasombra is also an Intelligent and manipulative person who quickly gained Arnold's trust by convincingly posing as Eduardo, played off the real Eduardo's attempt to rescue the class as an attack by river pirates, and made the rest of the class turn on Arnold as a traitor of the pack. He is also quite predictive as most of his acts in the movie were all planned, as Lasombra continued to threaten Arnold with his tracking device he already put on his amulet.

It is shown that Lasombra is also resilient, as when he was poisoned by the dart and was on the verge of death, he still attempted to kill the real Eduardo, attacked Arnold and tried to throw him off the cliff. But all of his wrathful personality leads to his demise as the poison finally got to him and plummeting to his death in the ravine.


The Journal

Lasombra briefly appears in the two part series finale.

As stated in "The Journal", Lasombra was a greedy river pirate who stole the Corazon from the fabled Green-Eyed People for his own selfish purposes. What he did not count on were a pair of adventurers named Miles and Stella Shortman. They were both successful in saving the Corazon from Lasombra, who swore revenge.

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

Lasombra returned in the 2017 television movie as the main antagonist. At one point, he disguised himself as Miles and Stella’s close friend, Eduardo, so that he could trick Arnold into leading him to the Corazon.

He (while off-screen) was first seen watching Arnold from his computer screen and recognizing Arnold by his football-shaped head, he chuckled evilly to himself, realizing that his plan is working.

He was next seen on his ferry boat on the docks of San Lorenzo, disguised as Eduardo and pretending to be him by quickly recognizing Arnold. He invited Arnold and company aboard his boat and introduced them to his crew, one of which Olga fell in love with, much to the irritation of Helga Pataki. Once they sailed down the river, Lasombra/Eduardo sees Arnold's necklace glow and confirmed him to be chosen by the green eyed people, according to the ancient prophecy. He proposed they find the green eyed people and find out the answer the disappearance of Miles and Stella.

He then talked with Arnold about the threat of Lasombra, and that he was not happy that Miles and Stella stole the Corazon from him. When Arnold said they are in danger, Lasombra/Eduardo said that while they could turn around and head back to safety, they could also continue ahead and maybe find out about his parents. He then told Arnold not to tell the others, under fear that they would get worried.

Later that night, while keeping a lookout, Lasombra/Eduardo was smelled by Abner, Arnold's pig. Abner didn't smell anything good and tried to warn Arnold, but to no avail, deciding to leave the ship so that he could warn Arnold's grandparents. Arnold then told Lasombra/Eduardo that a ship is following them, which turn out to be river pirates. He made Arnold believe that Lasombra is attacking them, and orders Arnold to stay down while he fought the pirates off and to forget about his friends. He then steered the ferryboat into dangerous rapids, confident that the pirates would not follow them through there. He succeeded in outrunning the pirates, at the cost of wrecking the ferryboat on some rocks.

The next morning, the wrecked ferryboat exploded, leaving Arnold, Lasombra/Eduardo, and the entire class "literally up the creek without a stinkin' paddle", according to Helga. He assured them that he will lead them through the jungle to his hideout.

When asked by Helga who attacked them and why, Lasombra/Eduardo explained to the group of the river pirates threat, and their and La Sombra's vendetta against Arnold. Sid then asked why Lasombra is after Arnold, to which Lasombra/Eduardo said it is only Arnold's business and leads the group into the jungle.

Lasombra/Eduardo lead the group to his hideout. He then revealed to them, via taking off his fake mustache, that he wasn't Eduardo, but actually Lasombra. He then proceeded to take everyone prisoner and reveals that he was the one who arranged the class trip to San Lorenzo to lure Arnold there. He then revealed to everyone that he and Arnold had a deal, that they would go look for the green eyed people, much to everyone's shock and anger as they selfishly shun Arnold despite that the latter was lied to too and didn't want any of them to get hurt. He then had his men lock the group and Arnold away.

Later that night, Arnold, with the help of Gerald and Helga, wrote the wrongs for being too selfish to Arnold, they broke him out and work together sneak past a guard and escape. Lasombra wasn't angered, however, as he put a tracking device on Arnold so he could lead him to the green eyed people, knowing they would show themselves in his presence.

As Lasombra and some of his men pursued Arnold, he let them die as a result of booby traps, intent on catching Arnold by himself.

A short while later, Lasombra arrived at the village of the green eyed people and spotted the Corazon with his greedy eyes. Lasombra then revealed the tracking device on Arnold's necklace when he used the green eyed people's own treasure against them in the process. He then shown surprised that the only green eyed people awake are children, decided to take the treasures in the kingdom and bring people there to sell it to them. The Green-Eyed children, Gerald, Helga and Arnold the attacked Lasombra. Naturally, Lasombra broke out, grabbed Arnold and fled the scene.

Lasombra then left Helga and Gerald hanging from a broken bridge and forced Arnold to open the Corazon's box, or else they'd die, to which Arnold complies. Once the Corazon opened, Lasombra pushed Arnold aside and greedily tried to take it.

But before he could even touch it, the box shot Lasombra in the forehead with a poisonous dart, which caused him to fall off the cliff and into the canyon. Lasombra later climbed back up with his skin green from the poison and then found the real Eduardo and mocked his mustache. Nonetheless, Lasombra then finally lost his temper that had just about enough of everyone getting in his way as he attacked Eduardo by trying to stab him with the dart from his head. But Arnold and his friends asset Eduardo as they violently fought Lasombra right back in the struggle, he manages to knock them off and also the Corazon is accidentally knocked down. While Arnold tried to catch the Corazon, Lasombra pined him down and also tried to catch it, only the Corazon rolled off the cliff and plummeted down into the ravine, much to his horror and Arnold's disappointment.

Furious at losing the Corazon again, Lasombra grabbed Arnold by the shirt to scowl that how he's just like his parents and ordered him to go and get it back from the ravine. Before Lasombra could kill Arnold, the poison of the dart finally got to him, resulting in him staggering backward. Before Lasombra fell, however, he grabbed Arnold's amulet and fell into the canyon to his death, ending his evil reign in San Lorenzo once and for all. Afterwards, Eduardo notes that Lasombra had died the way he lived, full of poison.


So, you've heard about the infamous Lasombra? He was not happy that your parents stole back a precious treasure from him, the Corazon. (…) We could turn around and head back to safety or we could continue ahead, and maybe find out about your parents.
~ A hint to fake Eduardo's true nature.
Now friends, let me explain what just happened back there. (…) Eh, true, we have escaped an unexpected attack, and yes our boat is unfortunately wrecked, but there is good news; We are not lost. We can hike from here to our jungle habitat, a safe place.
~ Lasombra leading Arnold and co. into his trap.
As you can see I've made a living stealing and selling all that is precious in central America, but one treasure still eludes me; The Corazon.
~ Lasombra explaining his plan to steal the Corazon.
Oh, Arnold didn't tell you? We planned to go look for his precious green eyed people.
~ Lasombra revealing the deal he had with Arnold to Helga, Gerald, and the rest of the PS118 crew.
What's going on? (…) So, did a small child knock you out? Or did you just, fall asleep? (…) (laughs) Well done. You did exactly as I wanted. See? I intended for him to escape. The Green Eyes would not have shown themselves if I was with him, so I put a tracking device on him, now he will lead me straight to them. Gather the group, we're going hunting for green eyes! And their precious Corazon…
~ Lasombra plotting to go after Arnold after putting a tracking device on him.
Eyes on the prize…
~ Lasombra after leaving some of his men to die going after Arnold.
I know what to do. Buenos días, partner!
~ Lasombra after arriving at the Green-Eyed people's palace.
I can see we're not wanted here, Arnold. ¡Vamonos! (…) No? I need you, partner!.
~ Lasombra fleeing with Arnold and the Corazon.
Out of my way! So beautiful, and it's all mine…
~ Lasombra before being shot by a poison dart.
So, you finally caught up to us, Eduardo. You call that a mustache?!
~ Lasombra coming back up for his final attempt to take the Corazon.
You pest, just like your parents! I'm going to throw you off the cliff, GO GET IT!
~ Lasombra's final words before succumbing to the poison and falling off the cliff to his death.


  • Due to his heinous actions, Lasombra can be regarded as the most evil villain in Hey Arnold! series.
  • His name means "The Shadow" in Spanish, though since the two words are together it'd technically be translated into "The Shadow".
    • Lasombra's name was originally spelled as "La Sombra" before the actual film was produced and the credits revealed that they had been combined into one.
  • Lasombra turned out to be the central antagonist villain of the whole Hey Arnold! series as he was responsible for the disappearance of Arnold's parents.
  • He shows similarities with Aggie from The Loud House, as both are the overarching antagonists of their respective animated franchises, which coincidentally are both known for not having many actual villains, and they both do not appear in the series their franchises originate from, but only in their respective full-length movies.
    • However, while Lasombra is the main antagonist of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie, Aggie is the posthumous overarching antagonist of The Loud House Movie, as she is already deceased, and her descendant, Morag, is the main antagonist.
  • When it was confirmed that Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie was canceled due to the poor reception of Hey Arnold! The Movie, many fans got upset, because nobody knew what would have happened (including the fate of both Arnold's parents and La Sombra). But 15 years later, it was finally revealed that the movie will be on television in 2017.
  • Lasombra is the first and only villain on Hey Arnold! to die in the series.
    • He was also one of the four characters to die on screen. The other three were Angel the fish from "Eugene's Pet" who was eaten up by a shark, Helga's Parrot from the episode by the same name that was eaten by a Monitor Lizard, and one of La Sombra's men who was used as a human shield against the Green-eyes' trap.
  • In a promotional image, Lasombra had gray hair.
  • In one of the flashbacks in "The Journal" episode and in a voice test of in 2014, Lasombra is seen wearing a red Aztec mask, the same as he wears in the journal. In The Jungle Movie, the very same mask can be seen on Lasombra's wall.
  • Although he is the main antagonist of the second film of the series, he is more evil than his predecessor Alphonse Perrier du von Scheck.
  • Lasombra is shown to have some standards as he refuses Curly to be a pirate due to him being too crazy even for his crew.
  • He strongly resembles Percival C. McLeach from The Rescuers Down Under, both being poachers attempting to kill children for their own sadistic pleasure.
  • Not only Lasombra is Arnold's main arch-nemesis, he is also a threat to him, his friends (Gerald, Helga, Phoebe, Harold, Stinky, Sid, Eugene, Rhonda, Nadine, Curly, Brainy, Mr. Simmons, Olga, Abner and Eduardo), his family and the Green Eyed People.
  • Despite kidnapping Arnold and his class, Sheena, Lila, Iggy, Lorenzo, Peapod kid, Torvald, Joey, (including Brainy and the other classmates) were the only classmates Lasombra didn't captured.
    • But doesn't notice Brainy was part of Mr. Simmons class.
  • It's revealed in the Jungle Movie that his career is to sell all the things he stolen to sell to Central America for some reason.
  • He is similar to Zoe from Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, for as they both are crazed treasure people who reside in the jungle. Though unlike Zoe, La Sombra doesn't reform.
  • He is also similar to Bill Sykes from Oliver and Company. Similarly with both Zoe And Sykes, Lasombra harmed a child to achieve his goals. Also, like Sykes, he didn't care if his henchman died. And In Sykes case of henchman, Roscoe and DeSoto.
  • He is also similar to Tamatoa from Moana, as both are greedy villains who covet a certain kind of treasure. Coincidentally, both of which are hearts. (For Lasombra, the Corazon. For Tamatoa, the heart of Te Fiti.)


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