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Latin Kings.png

The Latin Kings are a minor group of antagonists in Brickleberry, only appearing in the episode "Scared Straight". They are a Mexican prison gang that picks fights and people and shanks other prisoners to death. They were formerly lead by Paco before Malloy killed him and took over.


In "Scared Straight", Malloy was approached by The Latin Kings, whose leader, Paco, immediately started insulting him. Malloy insulted him back by asking him for some chips and salsa. The other gangsters warned him not to mess with Paco, as he was the leader of their gang, The Latin Kings. Malloy called them all landscapers and Paco got ready to kill him, only for Malloy to tell a knock knock joke that ended with him shanking Paco to death and taking over The Latin Kings, himself.

At the Hazelhurst Prison's conjugal visiting hours, Woody saw that Malloy had already grown attached to prison, loving being the leader of The Latin Kings. During their conversation, Malloy ordered Vato to shank Paco and Julio to death right in front of their faces and he did. Afterwards, he told Vato to shank himself to death for killing Tuco and Julio, which he reluctantly did.

At the Hammer-Jackson wedding, Malloy sat atop a spirit pyramid of Latin Kings and watched the two gay prisoners get married. Viggo Mortensen broke in with Steve Williams to save Denzel from getting married to Meat Hammer and took him away, along with Malloy too, who didn't want to go as he liked being the leader of The Latin Kings but sadly, he had no choice and was officially taken away forever.



  • Paco (original leader; deceased)
  • Malloy (replacement leader; dethroned)


  • Tuco (deceased)
  • Julio (deceased)
  • Vato (deceased)


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