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Kerry Shepherd (c.1981-), better known by her alias of Laura Burns, in an antagonist in Hollyoaks.

She was portrayed by Lesley Crawford.


Laura arrived in the village in 2000, intending to study at the nearby university. Tony Hutchinson took an interest in Laura, but she rejected him. She stole money from Tony's business, The Loft, but eventually confessed out of guilt. Not long afterwards, she met Mandy Richardson, whom she soon became obsessed with. Laura revealed to her that she had been raised in a children's home after the death of her mother.

After Mandy reconciled with her boyfriend, Luke Morgan, Laura became jealous over the amount of time Mandy was spending with Luke. She attempted to split Luke and Mandy, which succeeded, leaving a heartbroken Mandy dependent on Laura and her friends Chloe Bruce and Matt Musgrove.

The suicide of Mandy's brother, Lewis Richardson, caused a rift in the Cunningham/Richardson family, which divided Mandy and her mother, Helen. Laura, who had become friendly with Helen in her friendship with Mandy, was adamant on filling Mandy's gap in the family. Mandy was left upset when Helen took Laura to scatter Lewis's ashes, but Laura later made amends with Mandy. Laura expressed a romantic interest in Mandy, but Mandy did not reciprocate.

Laura was horrified when her brother, Brendan Shepherd, arrived in the village suddenly. He caused confusion as he referred to Laura as "Kerry". Brendan was shocked to discover that Kerry was using the name "Laura Burns", and revealed that Laura Burns was the name of Kerry's friend from the children's home.

Kerry booked tickets for her and Mandy to fly out to Cape Town, South Africa, as soon as possible, but Mandy refused to leave with her. Mandy became suspicious and refused to leave with Kerry, so Kerry knocked Mandy out by smashing a bottle over her head and holding her captive in her flat. She poisoned both herself and Mandy in an attempt at a murder-suicide. Kerry told Mandy the full story behind Laura; she told Mandy that Laura was her best friend at the children's home. Laura told Kerry that she might be getting adopted by a family, and Kerry, not wanting Laura to leave her, caused her death from drowning in a lake.

Mandy managed to escape from Laura and hid in the bathroom. She tried to text Tony, but Kerry broke down the bathroom door and destroyed Mandy's phone. Mandy managed to grab a paperweight and threw it through a window, which caught the attention of Tony, Adam Morgan and Mandy's step-brother, Max Cunningham. The trio rescued Mandy and Laura was arrested. Laura was sectioned and incarcerated in a mental institution.