Laura Lizzie

Laura Lizzie

Because I don't like negroids.
~ Laura Lizzie answering Rochelle Gorden's question on why she keeps bullying her.

Laura Lizzie is a minor villainess in the 1996 supernatural horror movie The Craft. Laura is the typical "racist White girl" who victimizes her African-American classmate Rochele. After she pushes Rochelle too far, Rochelle causes her to gradually go bald to make her pay for her racist remarks, using witchcraft.

She was portrayed by Christine Taylor.


Laura herself is a spoiled and entitled girl, has the typical Barbie doll look, and obviously comes from a wealthy American Caucasian family. She is a student attending St. Benedict's Catholic School and she has contempt not only for Rochelle, but also for her three friends, Nancy, Bonnie, and the newcomer Sarah Bailey. When Sarah becomes attracted to the popular jock Chris Hooker, who began to spread a false rumor of them having sex around his schoolmates including the snobbish smug Laura, she disrespected Sarah. After she pushes Rochelle too far with her racist bullying, Rochelle casts a spell with the help of the other girls, which causes her to gradually go bald. Sarah mentions that Laura has many split ends, implying she is not a natural blonde and in fact dyes her own hair.

When Rochelle's spell made her hair fall out since after her coven invoked the spirit of the nature deity Manon, Laura appears to have a mental break down. She then begins to freak out constantly, especially after the time as seen by Rochelle in a gym shower before Rochelle turned her eyes left towards to a mirror with her reflection supernaturally looking the same way as she does.

Eventually, she began to be nicer to Rochelle following her hair loss. She was also present at Trey's house party, in which Nancy murdered Chris Hooker. Rochelle, who was there with Bonnie and Sarah that same night, was not fazed by Laura's hair-loss plight.


Laura is very cruel and self-centered, not really caring about the feelings of others. She is beautiful and obviously comes from a wealthy family. When Rochelle's spell made her hair fall out, she began to break down and freak out at times. Eventually, she began to be nicer to Rochelle. This caused Rochelle to feel extreme guilt about casting the spell.