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Laura Neelan is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the British Soap Opera Coronation Street. She appeared as a minor antagonist in 2019-2020 and a major antagonist in 2021.

She is portrayed by Kel Allen.


Laura Neelan first came to Weatherfield in 2019 after hearing that her ex-husband Rick Neelan has gone missing and that their daughter Kelly Neelan is concerned about his fate. She soon confronts Rick's former client Gary Windass about the circumstances behind Rick's disappearance; unbeknownst to her or Kelly, however, Gary had killed Rick for trying to kill him. However, Gary is able to allude Laura's suspicions before telling her and Kelly about Rick's nefarious reputation as a loan shark who terrorized several people.

Over the next few years, it becomes clear that Laura is an unfit mother who neglects Kelly for the sake of her own personal matters. This is proven when it first appeared that Laura wanted to help Kelly after the latter gets arrested for conspiring with her friends Corey Brent and Eli Higginson in attacking Nina Lucas and causing the death of Seb Franklin in the process. However, Laura quickly gets into conflict with Kelly's foster parents Toyah Battersby and Imran Habeeb when the pair come to learn about Laura's neglectful character.

Furthermore, Laura plans to use her daughter's imprisonment as a way of profiting herself. She visits Kelly to ask about the events of Nina's attack and Seb's murder under the guise of providing comfort for her daughter, but later meets up with journalist Chris Golding from the Weatherfield Gazette Newspaper company and asks if he would be interested in publishing a piece on Kelly before pondering on how much the paper would pay for a story.

Once the truth about Laura's actions come to light, Kelly is devastated and reports her mother to the police at Toyah's urging. Laura is consequently arrested for child abuse and child neglect, just as Toyah furiously rebukes her for the way she treated her own daughter and states that she is no mother to Kelly.



  • She gave birth to Kelly in the date of 22nd May 2005.