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Laura Williams

Laura Williams is the main antagonist from "Mommie Deadest", episode 8.22 of CSI: Miami.

She was portrayed by Fay Masterson.


Laura Williams was the wife of Chuck Williams and they had three children: a daughter named Andrea, and two sons named Cody and Bradley (who died at only 5 years old).

She came across as a perfect wife and mother, but it was later revealed that Laura played up this personality for appearances, as she was actually sadistic and abusive towards her children.

Her villainous backstory revealed a murderous instant occured on the night of August 23, 2003, when Laura blamed her 5-year-old son Bradley for burning the carpet, and forced him to drink lighter fluid as punishment. As a result of Laura's evil actions, Bradley died of the effects, but even after her son's death, the evil Laura bullied Chuck into keeping quiet, telling him that they would lose Andrea and Cody if Bradley's death was reported.

Bradley's death was officially listed as an accident, and in the years that passed, the abuse continued. As Andrea revealed, her evil mother handcuffed her to the bed as punishment for sneaking out to see her boyfriend, Logan, and a Thanksgiving incident where Laura abused Andrea and forced her to dine out of a dog dish. When 911 was called during one incident, Laura charmed the dispatchers by offering soda to them, allowing her to get away with her abuse scot free.

Laura and Chuck were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, but after the party ended, Cody feared punishment from his mother's abuse, as he accidentally stained the couch with one of his markers. Laura was alerted to a sound of glass breaking and saw a broken light inadvertently caused by Logan. With his mother on the warpath, Cody came from behind and struck her with a bat. The villainess snarled at her son and charged at him, only to be fatally struck on her head by Cody.

When the truth was finally revealed, Chuck tries to take the blame for the murder while being chagrined at seeing his son being taken away by the police, but Horatio Cane tells him there are other ways that he can help Cody and Andrea, by going to court and telling the truth about Laura.


  • Laura's maiden surname was never revealed.
  • It was never revealed why Laura was abusive towards her children, she may have been abused by her parents during her childhood, leading her to believe that if her parents never gave her love, Laura herself wouldn't have given love to her children.
    • Many fans speculating that Laura conceived her children just to have "toys" to play with.
    • Many fans also speculating that Laura probably suffered from Bipolarism or Schizophrenia.


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