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Lauren Lockhart is a minor antagonist in The Purge: Anarchy.

She was portrayed by Jessica McClain.


Charlie sees a wounded man calling for help. James races to re-engage the system and holds the man at gunpoint as Henry comes downstairs and pulls a gun on James. Henry fires at James and misses, but James fires back,  killing Henry. During the chaos, the wounded man hides. James takes Mary to the security control room.

As they witness a gang of masked young adults arriving on the front lawn. Their leader compliments the Sandins and tells them that if they fail to surrender the man, they will be forced to enter the house and kill everyone inside. Mary asks James if the security system will help protect them, but the system is essentially a security theater. It is only supposed to discourage potential invaders and would not actually protect them against heavy force. They decide to find the man and give him to the Purge gang outside, but they realize to spare the man and defend themselves.


  • Jessica was not credited for her role in the film.