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Lauren Paups is the secondary antagonist of The Kidnapped turnabout, assisting Lance Amano in covering up the murder of Colin Devorae.


Lauren lived in the Amano mansion with Colin Devorae, her father until he was framed for smuggling by Ernest. During this time, she befriended and eventually fell in love with Lance Amano, Ernest's son. Lance ended up in debt to Viola Cadaverini and decided to stage a kidnapping, forcing Colin to go along with it otherwise he would hurt his daughter. Colin snapped and tried to kill Lance, leading to Lance killing him in what ended up being unjustified self-defence.

Events of the game

When Lauren is encountered, she is seemingly nervous about Lance's situation, with Edgeworth and Kay Faraday not knowing Lauren's role as a conspirator. She instantly falls in love with Edgeworth and goes between self-loathing tirades and swooning over him. Her cross examination reveals that she is being deceptive, casting doubts on the kidnapping.

When Lance is "rescued," he falls under suspicion for the murder of Devorae, with Lauren and the rest of the witnesses finding out that he was her father. It's then revealed that the true culprit of the smuggling was Ernest Amano. Shi-Long Lang and the rest of the interpol swoop in, arrest the father and son, and formally charge Lance with the unjustified self-defence of Colin.

She was later arrested for her role in the kidnapping, but was eventually let off easy, since the kidnapping was staged.


Lauren is timid, shy, nervous, and slightly stupid. She falls in love with men easily but doesn't see herself as a good enough fit for them, going off in tirades about how worthless she is. It's implied Lance Amano is abusive towards her, as she gets even more high strung when he returns.

While she did help Lance in his schemes, her motivation was blind devotion rather than total malice, with her knowing what she did was wrong while still justifying it by telling herself Lance will love her.

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