I don't think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him...if he left you here unprotected?
~ Laurent to Bella when he finds her in the field Alone

Laurent is a fictional character and nomadic Vampire that appears in the Twilight series. He is a member of James' coven and is a supporting antagonist in Twilight and New Moon.



Laurent first appears in Twilight, with James and Victoria at the baseball field. He is seen briefly and notices that Bella was human, alerting James and Victoria, which causes the near conflict with them at the field. Soon after Bella and Edward leave with the others, Laurent is seen with Carlisle at their home, warning them of James and Victoria and not to underestimate them before then turning and leaving. He is not seen again in Twilight until Twilight: New Moon.

New Moon

Larent appears in the second novel and film, Twilight: New Moon, in the field where Bella and Edward first lay in during the first novel and film. He finds Bella there alone and talks with her, asking why Edward wasn't there to protect her now. She struggles to stay calm when seeing the image of Edward beside her, and Laurent seems to see right through her. He tells Bella that he came there as a favor to Victoria, who had wanted to find out if Bella was still under the protection of the Cullens. He then proceeds to tell her that she looks 'so mouthwatering' and appears next to her, telling her that while Victoria would kill her slowly and painfully, he'd kill her quickly. In fact, that is his intention, in part to spare her from the torturous death that Victoria undoubtedly has planned for her. When Laurent is about to kill Bella, Sam and the Wolf Pack appear in their Wolf Forms, and advance on Laurent, who is chased away and then killed by them.

Laurent is later only mentioned in the next two novels and films, but is not seen again due to his death by the Wolf Pack's attack on him.

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