I'll do anything for ten dollars.
~ Laurie Forman
Laurie Forman is the sister of Eric Forman and a recurring antagonist from the sitcom, That 70s Show.  She is Red Forman's favorite child. She was portrayed by the late Lisa Robin Kelly in seasons 1-3 and 5 and by Christina Moore in season 6.


She is a college dropout and slacker once getting a college professor to fall in love with her. She is a bully to her younger brother and enjoys his misery. In response, Eric often refers to her as the Devil.

Her crowning moment of villainy came in the second season. During the season, Michael Kelso and Laurie were in a secret relationship, which just consisted of sex. When Kelso wanted to end the relationship as he loved Jackie, Laurie saw Jackie outside and asked Kelso for one last kiss. Kelso kissed her which Jackie saw causing their third breakup. She showed no remorse for this. During the breakup, Kelso and Laurie started dating in the open, though before it was based on mostly sex, but Kelso thought there could be more. However, the relationship ended in the Valentine's day episode when Kelso saw a boy leave Laurie's bedroom. Despite his heart breaking at the fact, it made him realize how he made Jackie feel and asked Jackie not to feel bad for him as he deserves a broken heart. Ironically, even though Jackie originally wanted to enjoy his misery, she genuinely did feel bad for him.

Laurie reappeared in season 5 and seemingly redeems herself by telling Eric and Donna to go through their wedding. At the end of season 5, she marries Fez so he could stay in the country which gave Red a non-fatal heart attack. In season 6, she regressed to her original self as During the "marriage" she would have sex with different men, except Fez. After season 6 she left the show completely.


  • In the episode "Jackie Moves On", it's mentioned that Laurie was actually born with a tail, a reference to her being the Devil. However, it was quickly removed after birth.
  • In the season three premiere episode "Reefer Madness", a younger Eric mentions to his friends about finding Laurie's "mints" in her room, not knowing they were actually birth control pills. This means she was sexually active when she was only 15 years old.
  • Throughout the show's eight year run, Laurie was only ever in a single scene transition.

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