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Laurie Shelby is a fictional character in the British soap opera Hollyoaks. Although initially introduced as kindhearted and benevolent, the character was soon revealed to be a perverted creep. After Mac Nightingale's death in March 2019, Laurie became the show's primary antagonist.

Early Villainy

Laurie is shown meeting with a former colleague of his whom he sexually assaulted. He pays her to sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing her from exposing him.

Stalking Sienna and abusing Sinead

After getting a job at Hollyoaks High School, Laurie begins to target his colleague Sienna Blake. He frequently does things which are inappropriate, but rarely outright malicious, being able to gaslight Sienna and making others believe that she is the one who is stalking him.

In addition to this, he uses Sienna to make his wife Sinead O'Connor jealous. This culminates in frequent arguments between the two, and eventually leads to Sinead kissing another man. When Laurie discovers this he rapes Sinead, and quickly gaslights her into thinking that it was her fault, preventing her from leaving him or informing the police.

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