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The Lava Monster is a one-time villain from the 2016 reboot of the Cartoon Network animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Ragnarock and Roll". He is an evil lave monster from Hell, summoned by Satan's mystical demon horn, who destroyed Townsville.

Its vocal sound effects were provided by Kevin Michael Richardson.


In "Ragnarock and Roll", The Mayor of Townsville received a mystical demonic trumpet in the mail, after his package got mixed up with Satan's, leading to The Mayor getting a weapon of mass destruction, while Satan got a jar of pickles. The Mayor had the brilliant idea to play the trumpet, which led to a giant lava monster getting summoned into Townsville. When The Powerpuff Girls first greeted The Lava Monster, Bubbles gave him the benefit of the doubt, assuming that he was nice. The Giant Evil Lava Monster blasted a bunch of fire on the girls and Bubbles assumed that this was only an accident, only for him to repeatedly breathe fire on them again and again until Bubbles was finally convinced and the girls went to the prison to free Erica the Red, so that she could help them defeat the Lava Monster, as she previously foresaw him coming. In the fight with the Lava Monster, the Lava Monster was too powerful for them and Erica needed to summon her sword, The Endbringer. Bubbles slammed into the Lava Monster with a battering ram and while he was knocked out, Erica jumped into his mouth with The Endbringer and cut him open from the inside out, leading to his explosive destruction.