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Lawrence White is a fictional character and recurring protagonist of the British soap opera Emmerdale. He debuted in 30th September 2014 and became a major protagonist for the rest of the year and in between 2015-2017 up until his demise in January 2018.

The character was portrayed by John Bowe, who previously played "Duggie Ferguson" in Coronation Street.


Lawrence White first came to Emmerdale in September 2014 when he encountered local villager Edna Birch; it quickly turned out that they were once acquaintances as Lawrence previously had an affair with Edna's late husband Harold.

By the next month, Lawrence became the new owner of Home Farm; the previous propertitor, Declan Macey, was forced to go on the run after he and his estranged wife Charity were exposed for insurance fraud as well as his accidental killing of his nephew Robbie Lawson. Soon enough Lawrence moved in with his daughter Chrissie and her son Lachlan. Also with the family was Chrissie's fiance Robert Sugden, who used to live in the village and whom Lawrence dislikes due to Robert's nature. The conflict between Lawrence and Robert appeared to escalate after Lawrence learns more about Robert from his brother Andy. Later on, Robert organized a robbery at Home Farm, during which Lawrence suffered a stroke and Robert played "the hero" in foiling the incident. The family soon learned about Robert's actions and that he paid career criminal Ross Barton to perpetuate the robbert; Lawrence later confronted Ross and threatened retaliation if he does not stop with his antics.

In 2015, Lawrence supports Chrissie when Robert is revealed to be having an affair with local mechanic Aaron Livesy behind the family's back. The situation worsens when Chrissie's attempt to get revenge on Robert results in an unintentional helicopter crash on the day Ross' brother Pete marries Charity's daughter Debbie; the helicopter crash ends up killing the pilot and causes the deaths of residents Ruby Haswell and Val Lambert respectively. When Chrissie reveals the truth about the helicopter crash later on, Val's widowed husband Eric Pollard vows revenge and Lawrence is forced to placate the matter. Lawrence soon blames Robert for all the trouble he has caused and vows revenge after learning that Robert killed Andy's wife Katie on the day he married Chrissie. Later on, Robert is shot by an unknown assailant and the family becomes suspecte. Lawrence is initially arrested and the family hires lawyer Rakesh Kotecha to bail him out, though he is soon released without charge when Aaron is implicated to be the culprit. When the family celebrate Lawrence's exoneration, Debbie's father Cain confronts everyone and accuses the Whites of framing Aaron - though it is later revealed that Ross was the one who shot Robert.

During this time, Lawrence is engaged to Andy's ex-girlfriend Bernice Blackstock and they get married; Chrissie disapproves whereas Bernice's sister, Nicola King, supports the engagement. In 2016, it is revealed that Lawrence is not Chrissie's biological father. Soon their relationship breaks down and Lawrence starts drinking, which culiminates in him threatening to shoot Lachlan in a drunken stupor; a struggle ensues and Lachlan accidentally shoots Lawrence in the end. Lawrence survives but worries about Lachlan going to jail, so Chrissie decides to frame Andy for the crime in order to get revenge for cheating on her with Bernice and also partly blaming him for ruining her father's marriage. This turn of events causes Lawrence to clash with the villagers, during which his other daughter Rebecca arrives and his old lover Ronnie Hale turns up for a reconcilation.

In 2017, Lawrence finds himself being blackmailed by Chrissie's biological uncle Tim Richards when the latter holds a grudge against him over their past - Tim's brother, John, had killed himself due to relationship problems caused by Lawrence and so Tim blames Lawrence for his brother's death. Lawrence is determined to not let Tim reveal the truth to Chrissie and so arranges for him to get beaten up, but in the end Chrissie finds out and disowns Lawrence initially. The family also turn their back on Lawrence to the point where Ronnie breaks up with him and leaves the village for good. Later on, however, the family reunite and decide to leave the village after Rebecca gives birth to her and Robert's son Seb. In 2018, Lawrence sells Home Farm to Joe Tate and Graham Foster before the family plan to leave. However, Robert snatches Seb and the family persue him. The chase ends when Lachlan confronts his mother for forcing his girlfriend Belle to break up with him and he ends up causing the car to crash into a lorry, which initially kills Lawrence and later causes Chrissie to die in front of her guilt-ridden son.



  • He made a total of 383 appearences throughout his time on the show.
  • The character was born on 23rd May 1943 in Beckindale and had a brother called Henry.