The Lazurian Army are the armed forces of the country Lazuria and antagonistic faction in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


Prior to the meteor strike, the Lazurian Army frequently fought against the Army of the nation of Rubinelle. In one such battle that occurred 20 years prior to the start of the game, Brenner's father was defeated by a regiment of Lazurian soldiers under the command of General Forsythe.

After the landscape was ravaged by meteors, the remnants of the Rubinelle military were gathered together by Admiral Greyfield to form the New Rubinelle Army to reignite the war with Lazuria. In response, Forsythe was called out of retirement to lead the Lazurian military once again.

However, Greyfield managed to persuade an independent battalion of Rubinelle troops under the command of Captain Brenner to side with him against the Lazurians. With Brenner's Wolves on their side, the combined Rubinelle military force managed to defeat the Lazurians and capture Forsythe.

After witnessing Waylon execute Forsythe on Greyfield's orders, Brenner and his troops turned against the New Rubinelle Army and freed the Lazurian prisoners. The remaining Lazurian Army forces were later integrated into Brenner's Wolves to fight against the NRA.


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