~ The battle cry of Le Mu.

Le Mu is a major antagonist and final boss of Mega Man Star Force 2. It is the God of EM Waves and ruler of the continent of Mu, it is awaken by Dr. Vega with the power of the OOPArts.

Le Mu also appears as the final antagonist in the anime adaptation Shooting Star Rockman Tribe.



It is said that Le Mu to be the God of all EM Waves. After years Mu people's destruction, Le Mu fell into a deep sleep, only to be awakened by Dr. Vega to bring the end of Earth.

Mega Man Star Force 2

When Geo reaches to the Great Shrine, Vega calls him into the throne room. She tells Geo about Le Mu, saying that he is a god of EM Waves and dividing it between the talented and the foolish. However, Geo and Omega-Xis don't believe her. She tells them about her past and her plan to become a god to rule over Earth in order "fix" society by dividing it between the talented and the foolish.

Geo refuses to join Vega and her quest to rule over the world. Vega then engages before Le Mu battling Geo. After the final battle, Geo wins, but Vega orders Le Mu to send Mu to the ground to blow up Earth.

While Geo talks to Vega, Le Mu awakens and carries out Vega's order. After Vega leaves, Geo stay and stop Le Mu from destroying Earth. As Geo fails to destroy Le Mu, his friends call from his Star Carrier and tell him that entire world is listening to his bravery and not afraid anymore. Geo stands up encouraged, destroys Le Mu with one shot from his Mega Buster, causing the whole continent of Mu to collapse into the ocean.

Shooting Star Rockman Tribe

Le Mu is first seen crawling out through the portal connecting Mu and Earth at the end of the series. Rogue appears and holds Le Mu back and tells Geo to use the power of OOPArts to seal him and Le Mu to prevent it from destroy Earth. Geo uses Czar Delta Breaker to destroy the portal, sealing Le Mu and Rogue with the continent for good.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shell Protection: In order to damage Le Mu, the player must first deal enough damage to his outer shell. The shell's colour is an indicator of how much damage it has taken. After it is destroyed, Le Mu will become mobile, moving from side to side, and the only way to hurt it is to hit its core when it is lit.
  • Super Armour: Le Mu cannot flinch.
  • Status Guard: Le Mu is immune to status ailments except for counter-induced paralysis and HP bugs.
  • Materialize Drill: Le Mu summons a drill and fires it at the player, 2 before the shell is broken, 4 after. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Materialize Big Vulcan: Le Mu's arms transform into vulcan guns and fire multiple times at the player's position.
  • Materialize Blade: Le Mu's arms turn into blades. They then smash two adjacent columns each side of the field. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Materialize Murian: Le Mu will summon a Murian that will attack the player's current position, either with a sword or a laser. This attack's element depends on the color of the summoned Murian: Red - Fire, Blue - Aqua, Yellow - Elec, Green - Wood, Purple - Null.
  • EM Vortex: Le Mu occasionally summons a vortex on the player's row. If the player stands on it, his HP will be drained while he stands on it.
  • Mu no Ikazuchi/Thunder of Mu: Le Mu charges up some energy and fires a laser that covers the entire battlefield. This attack cannot be dodged, and blocking it will only reduce the damage done partially, unless it is blocked at the right time.
  • Battle Cards: As the final boss, Le Mu doesn't drop Battle Cards, but a Giga Card of him could be obtained for a limited time in events.





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