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The Lead Teen is a minor character, serving as one of the main antagonists (alongside Reggie and Arthur) of the 2004 comedy film Fat Albert. he is a teen that bullies the Junkyard Gang who plans on being the buck-buck champion and taking over the junkyard.

He was voiced by Catero Colbert.


Lead Teen first appears in the beginning of Fat Albert where he and his crew are becoming the buck-buck champions by holding the junkyard Gang, Dumb Donald joins the crew as The Lead Teen said "Now were the buck, buck, champions in the world". however, Bill (one of fat Albert's friends) tells him that they have one more guy, Lead Teen tells him to "bring him out then". Bill then calls Fat Albert and tells the lead teen they Fat Albert loves to him them calling his name. Fat Albert arrives and says," Hey, Hey, Hey. Who wants to play?". This causes The Lead Teen and his crew to run away from the junkyard.

Lead Teen later where he suddenly appears out of nowhere, then he confronts Russell. He tells him that he talked over the conversation to his gang. Lead Teen uttered "that he and his boys want to the buck-buck champions of the Planet Earth. Russell warns Lead Teen that Fat Albert isn't definitely in the junkyard right now. Lead Teen notifies that he & his gang are going to infiltrate the junkyard. Russell warns him that Fat Albert owns the junkyard. He told Russell that he "don't see Fat Albert anywhere." He swung Russell on the tire, all the way, then Russell ran away.

Lead Teen warns Russell that Fat Albert is never going to return. He said the junkyard "Will be Ours! Ours! Ours!". Suddenly, Russell unties his shoelaces and tangled them incorrectly, then Russell kicked him in the shin where He was about to teach Russell a lesson, but he eventually tripped, not realising that his shoelaces are tangled. Russell comes back and Later, he's not alone this time, He is with his gang (the Caucasian teen with the green cap, orange hair, and freckles, ane the African-American teen with a big coloured afro) chasing Russell. Russell began making crazy faces bounced three times on his behind and hastened away again. Russell hastens to go inside a car. Russell locked everything inside the car. Lead Teen striving to open the door, but he gave up. however, he and his gang sang a dark reprise of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Theme Song.

Lead Teen reappears later where he and his crew again tried to become the buck-buck champions, however, Fat Albert (who just came back in the show from the tv then arrives saying "Hey, Hey, Hey, who wants to play?". This causes Lead Teen and his crew to runaway again.


Are you gonna buck-buck or are you just gonna talk-talk?
~ Lead Teen's first lines.
We held, now were the buck-buck champions in the world.
~ Lead Teen
Bring him out then.
~ Lead Teen
Lead Teen: I talked it over with my boys, and we want a buck-buck rematch.
Russell: Uh, you do?
Lead Teen: Yeah, we're going to be the buck-buck champions in the world.
Russell: You can't be.
Lead Teen: Why not
Russell: Fat Albert and the guys aren't here right now.
Lead Teen: You mean your here by yourself? You know what that means don't you?
Russell: No.
Lead Teen: It means that me and my boys are gonna take over the junkyard.
Russell: You can't do that, this is Fat Albert's junkyard.
Lead Teen: Oh yeah? Well, I don't see Fat Albert anywhere.
~ Lead Teen claiming ownership over the junkyard.
He's never coming back, so the junkyard is going to be OURS! OURS! OURS!
~ Lead Teen
You come back here, you, get over here!
~ Lead Teen and his crew chasing Russell.
Come outta there, you little thing you.
~ Lead Teen telling Russell to come out of the car.
Okay, by me, I can stay here until the show starts (Russell honks the car as he and his crew laugh at him until they stop) and then we're playing buck-buck all my guys against you (points at Russell) and when we beat you, All this will be OURS! OURS! OURS!
~ Lead Teen


  • This was Catero Colbert's only animated and villainous role.


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