Ha ha! Right here, kid!
~ The Leaf Pile to Calvin

The Leaf Pile is a recurring antagonist of Calvin and Hobbes. It is actually a normal leaf pile made by Calvin's dad, that comes alive every time only Calvin is near.

Calvin's dad often spends his autumn days by raking all the leaves in the yard into a pile. When he ends and leaves, Calvin usually sneaks there and jumps into the pile. It is often only snail hidden in a pile that forces Calvin to jump out. However, it also can be the pile itself.

When Calvin once jumps into the pile, it suddenly opens its mouth and tries to crunch him. Screaming Calvin grabs the rake, beats the pile with it and eventually spreads all the leaves across the whole yard. Unfortunately, his father who was raking all afternoon becomes angry when he sees it.

The Leaf Pile eats Calvin

Another time, the leaf pile decides to attack Calvin itself instead of waiting until he jumps into it. It growls across the yard, climbs up the tree and patiently waits for Calvin there. When Calvin comes under the tree and sees the pile on its stick, he wonders what an ugly tree it is. Suddenly, the pile jumps down on him with its mouth open. Calvin somehow escapes from it and runs to his father, who is wondering where his pile went, to get something bigger than a rake to defeat the pile.


  • One of Calvin's hobbies is to jump into leaf piles. It is possible piles only want to get revenge on him for this.
  • Some representations of the leaf pile are similar to the Yukbarf (one of aliens from Calvin's imaginations) in design.


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