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Leah Cooper is a minor antagonist in the Hitman 2 mission "The Last Resort".


Cooper is a server technician at HAVEN Island, a luxury beach resort with a sideline in reconstructing identities for wealthy criminals. A technician at HAVEN Island's underwater server room, Cooper helped recreate their clients' identities while they relaxed on the luxurious resort above.

At some point, Ljudmila Vetrova hired Cooper to steal a USB drive from a safe in Tyson Williams' bedroom. Cooper succeeded in stealing the disk, but was caught on CCTV. She retreated to the underwater server room, repeatedly calling Vetrova and pleading for her to meet her and take the USB drive off her hands (and presumably arrange her payment and transportation away from HAVEN Island).

However, unbeknownst to Cooper, Vetrova decided that she was either not worth the risk of meeting personally or knew too much. Instead, Vetrova approached one of their clients, German-American thief Tobias Rieper, who was secretly Agent 47, out to kill her and her colleagues so that Olivia Hall could hack into their servers. Offering him a substantial discount on HAVEN's fee, she had him sneak into Williams' mansion and into the server farm to forcefully retrieve the USB drive from Cooper, which entails either knocking her out or killing her.