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Lean is a supporting antagonist in the 1995 anime Street Fighter II V being the main antagonist of the episodes "Landing in Hong Kong – Sneaking In... The Invitation from Devil's Battle Cave" and "Darkness at Kowloon Palace – Their Great Escape from the Lawless Zone".


Lean is a corrupt crime lord from Hong Kong, specifically having control in a restricted and dangerous area known as Kowloon Palace. He used to organize undergound tournaments and had several skilled fighters working for him. When Ryu and Ken visited Hong Kong, a girl named Chun Li was tasked to give them a tour through Hong Kong. The two friends were interested about Kowloon Palace and learned of a fighting tournament being held there so they went along with Chun Li despite their pilot's warnings.

At the moment, a huge fighter named Eden was fighting, so Ryu stepped in the ring and challenged him to a fight. Lean was present watching from above and was annoyed by Ryu but was advised by his men to let him fight. Ryu easily managed to knock Eden out enraging Lean who ordered his fighters to not let Ryu humiliate them, but he defeated them all easily as well. Desperate, Lean ordered his best and undefeated fighter named Damned to face him. Damned proved to be much stronger than the previous fighters, giving Ryu some trouble, but was also defeated in the end. Lean then ordered his men not to let the three outsiders leave the fortress alive. Ryu, Ken and Chun Li fought their way out and fought through in the streets of Hong Kong started with many dangerous gangs trying to kill them but failing.

The trio managed to escape but were soon attacked by Lean himself along with his two strong bodyguards. Lean took Chun Li as hostage in order to force Ryu and Ken to surrender but she managed to knock him down with a kick to the face. Ryu and Ken also defeated the bodyguards. Soon their pilot arrived to saved them. As a last resort, Lean attempted to shoot them but he got shot in the hand instead by Chun Li's father Inspector Dorai who had just arrived, and got arrested.



  • Ryu
  • Ken Masters
  • Chun Li
  • Dorai



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