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Leandro is the antagonist of the Doctor Who episode The Woman Who Lived.

He is a Leonian from the planet Delta Leonis who came to Earth in the 17th century and claimed that his tribe been overthrown, his world destroyed and his wife killed. He also said that he was the last of his kind and had been able to escape by using a potal by an alien artefact that took the form of an amulet called The Eye of Hades.

With the amulet missing, Leandro allied with an immortal girl named Ashildr (using the alias of Lady Me) and promised to take her out into the universe if she helped him. The presence of the amulet also caught the attention of The Twelfth Doctor and reunite him with Ashildr (as he was the one who gave her immortality by inserting a Mire medical kit in her).

After the amulet was found, Leandro revealed himself to the Doctor, who discovered that in order for the amulet to open a portal, someone must die. At the hanging of a highwayman named Sam Swift, Ashildr killed him by placing the amulet on him which caused a portal to open and reveal an army of Leonians. It is revealed that Leandro lied about being the last of his kind and the army attempted to invade Earth.

However, Ashildr was able to stop this attack by inserting a second Mire medical kit (which the Doctor gave her) into Sam which reversed his death and closed the portal. As failure for keeping the portal open for his people to invade Earth, Leandro was burned alive by the other Leonians.

He was played by Ariyon Bakare.