Leanne Battersby (formerly Tilsley and Barlow) is one of the central protagonists of the British Soap Opera Coronation Street, first appearing in July 1997. She appeared as an antagonist and antihero in the late 1990s to 2000, an antihero from 2005 to 2008, and as one of the protagonists from 2009 onward.

She has also been married to Nick Tilsley and Peter Barlow, and is the surrogate mother of Simon Barlow.


Leanne debuted alongside her troublesome family the Batterby's in 1997, which included her father Les Battersby, mother Janice Battersby, and stepsister Toyah Battersby. Like her family she caused trouble for the street residents, including stealing from the local newsagents the Kabin, and accusing local cafe owner Roy Cropper of being a pervert after he refused to give her a job. But overtime the family began to tone down, and Leanne later got a job at the Kabin and had a close relationship with Rita Sullivan.

In 1999 she began dating Jez Quigley who got her hooked on drugs, and he manipulated her into helping him rob the Rovers Return. Leanne later went on the run in 2000 to escape Jez's abuse. She returned to the series in 2004, at which point Jez was long since dead.

From 2005-2008 she appeared as an antagonist and antihero. In 2006 she was involved in a plot with Danny Baldwin to try and scam an inheritance out of his father Mike Baldwin, who was suffering from dementia. In 2008 she had Paul Clayton burn down her bar to claim the insurance money, and left him to take the wrap whilst she got off without any repercussion.

Following the insurance scam, Leanne moved away from her crooked acts, especially after she began to be involved romantically with Peter Barlow and became a surrogate mother to his son Simon.


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