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Leanne Battersby (formerly Tilsley and Barlow) is a fictional character and major protagonist of the British Soap Opera Coronation Street.

She is currently portrayed by Jane Danson.


Leanne Battersby first came to Weatherfield in 1997 as a member of the troublesome Battersby family, alongside her half-sister Toyah and their father Les; the family were also joined by Les' wife and Toyah's mother Janice.

As she and the family settled themselves into Weatherfield, Leanne was no stranger to making her presence unease the other residents. This escalates when she steals from the local newsagents the Kabin, and then accusing local cafe owner Roy Cropper of being a pervert after he refused to give her a job. But overtime the family began to tone down, and Leanne later got a job at the Kabin before having a close friendship with local shopkeeper Rita Sullivan.

In 1999, she began dating notorious drug dealer Jez Quigley. But their relationship quickly broke down when Jez got Leanne hooked up in drugs and he forced her to collaborate in his plans to rob The Rovers Return Inn public house. Leanne later went on the run in 2000 to escape Jez's abuse. Soon enough, Jez would later be killed by hardman Jim McDonald for putting the latter's son Steve in hospital for testifying against him in court. Eventually in 2004, Leanne reappeared in the street.

From 2005 onwards, Leanne developed a more antagonistic role. This increased in 2006 when she seduced wealthy businessman Danny Baldwin and then collaborated in his scheme to manipulate his father Mike, who was suffering from Alzeimer's Disease, into giving him power of attorney - which effectively meant Danny would inherit everything from Mike's will once the latter passes away. Leanne also wishes for Danny to give her a cut in the fortune he may obtain from his father's will. Soon when Mike eventually dies, Danny does indeed inherit everything until his half-brother Adam contests the will; thereafter Leanne's relationship with Danny breaks up and they split up.

In 2008, Leanne seduced fellow neighbour Paul Clayton and soon planned to get him to help her claim some insurance money. This worked successfully after she tricks Paul into setting her bar on fire before incriminating him for the crime; Paul was left to take the rap whereas she got off without any repercussion.

By 2009, Leanne began to tone down her antagonistic ways when she got romantically involved with Adam's uncle Peter Barlow and adopted his son Simon - henceforth Leanne offically became Simon's surrogate mother. She eventually married him in 2010 despite Peter nearly getting killed in a major disaster that involved a tram crashing onto the street.

In 2011, Leanne finds out that her friend Stella Price is actually her biological mother and that Stella's daughter Eva is also related to Leanne - the pair being half-sisters concieved by Stella. Eventually she begins to bond with them, but nearly breaks up with Peter after finding out that he knew and never told her about it. They soon make up and begin working together at a betting shop. At one point, they throw out wife-beater Chris Gray for abusing his wife Cheryl and then lying to her about him having brain tumor.

In 2012, Leanne's marriage with Peter eventually collapsed when she finds out that he slept with factory boss Carla Connor - the revelation of which is soon exposed to Leanne when she witnesses Peter defending Carla in court after her ex-fiance Frank Foster had raped her months ago. By then, Leanne and Carla became sworn enemies.

In 2012, Leanne reconciled with her old boyfriend and Peter's nemesis Nick Tilsley. They soon got married and things were going well until Nick hit Leanne on Christmas Day 2013, due to Nick having a hard time coping with brain damage caused by his feud with his brother David Platt. The next year, Leanne divorces Nick and moves forward to gym owner Kal Nazir. They get on well until Kal is killed in a fire accident started by Peter's half-sister Tracy Barlow. That same year, Simon begins abusing Leanne and the situation gets worse when he finds out that she used to be a prositute who worked for her nefarious client Dan Jones.

Over the following years, Leanne has coped with several incidents both personally and family related.



  • Jane Danson (the actress who portrays Leanne Battersby) had been nominated for and won several awards in creditation to her character's well-recieved performance and it's contribution to some of the show's high-prolific storylines.