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Leatherboy is an obscure Marvel comics villain and an enemy of Squirrel-Girl, he is infamous amongst fans of the series for being the one who killed one of Squirrel-Girl's beloved squirrel pets and was arrested shortly after the incident, his killing of the animal was extremely graphic and also involved "unnatural acts" - all of which were done due to his frustration at not being accepted by the team as superhero due to his lack of superhuman abilities and his extremely sadomaschoistic outlook on life.

Although Leatherboy normally dressed in the style of a stereotypical "gimp" he created a fake Doctor Doom costume which he used when killing the squirrel, this was likely a dark joke on the behalf of writers, who had not long before had Doctor Doom famously defeated by Squirrel-Girl.. the real Doom had nothing to say on the matter and likely never will.

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