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Come on Tommy, ain't no different than the slaughterhouse. Meat's meat, Bone's bone...Get it done.
~ Sheriff Hoyt commanding Leatherface

Leatherface (real name: Thomas Brown Hewitt) is the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake timeline thought he is still a servant to his older family members. This version of Leatherface is considered by many horror fans to be much more psychotic, vicious and brutish than his original classic counterpart.

He first appears in the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003. Its success greenlit a prequel, released in 2006, which delved into the origins of Leatherface and of his family.

He was portrayed by the former bodybuilder Andrew Bryniarski, who also played Charles "Chip" Shreck in Batman Returns.



In this continuity, Leatherface's mother Sloane dies giving birth to him on August 7, 1939 at the Blair Meat Co., a slaughterhouse where she works, and her uncaring boss leaves the infant to die in a dumpster. Luda Mae Hewitt finds him and takes him home to raise him.

Leatherface suffers from a facial disfigurement and a skin disease that caused severe deformities and tumors to his face. Due to this disfigurement, his muteness and mental retardation (carried over from the first series), other children bullied the boy. He wore a small leather mask to cover up his deformity, and worked at the same meat factory where he was born, for the same boss as his mother - the same man who had left him for dead. He also had a tendency toward self-mutilation, and a doctor diagnosed him as suffering from a type of neurodegeneration at age twelve.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

In 1969, when the film picks up after showing his birth, health inspectors shut the factory down when Hewitt's boss and a reluctant coworker ordered him to leave. When Hewitt didn't, the boss and the coworker insulted him, calling him a "retard" and a "dumb animal". Acting on a long-burning rage, Hewitt killed his boss with a sledgehammer. He later discovered the chainsaw he used as a weapon after searching the now abandoned factory. When Winston Hoyt, the local sheriff, tried to apprehend him, Thomas' uncle, Charlie Hewitt Jr. came to his aid and killed the sheriff with his own gun. Charlie later assumed the sheriff's identity.

Although Leatherface's family still manipulate him in this interpretation, they do show themselves somewhat more caring for him and less abusive than in the original film. Before killing the sheriff, his uncle Charlie even defends him by saying, "He's not retarded, he's misunderstood." The cruelty he suffers at the hands of his peers, in part, inspires his murderous behavior, however it's his uncle, Charlie who encourages his anti-social behavior and impulses.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 remake)

At the climax of the remake, protagonist Erin Hardesty cuts off Leatherface's chainsaw-wielding arm with a meat cleaver, and Erin is able to escape him, though Leatherface survives the cleaver attack. Leatherface escapes after police discover his ranch house and find the remains of 33 people. The police fail to secure the crime scene properly, allowing Leatherface to attack and kill two officers. Leatherface then escapes and disappears, and the case remains open.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

  • Unnamed Meat Plant Owner - Legs and skull smashed with a sledgehammer by Leatherface.
  • Holden - Disemboweled with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
  • Eric - Impaled through the stomach with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
  • Bailey - Throat slashed with a pair of scissors by Leatherface.
  • Dean - Impaled through the back with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
  • Chrissie - Impaled through the back with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
  • Unnamed Policer Officer - Ran over by Chrissie's car after a crash caused by Leatherface.
  • Unnamed Motorist - Ran over by Chrissie's car after a crash caused by Leatherface.
    • Total - 8

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

  • Kemper - Beaten to death with a sledgehammer by Leatherface.
  • Two Unknown People - Killed off-screen by Leatherface, body parts shown.
  • Unknown Man - Killed off-screen by Leatherface, severed head shown.
  • Andy - Legs cuts off with a chainsaw and impaled on a meat hook by Leatherface, mercifully killed with a knife to the chest by Erin.
  • Morgan - Cut vertically in half with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
  • Detective Wallace - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
  • Detective Adams - Killed off-screen with a chainsaw by Leatherface.
    • Total - 8

Kill Count

  • Total - 16
    • Twelve Men
    • Two Women
    • Two Victims of Unknown Gender




  • Andrew Bryniarski, who portrayed Leatherface in the remake, states: "In my estimation, Leatherface is like a beaten dog: he was ostracized and ridiculed, and treated harshly by his peers. The psychological damage they inflicted was immense, there's no chance for him." Terrence Evans, who played Leatherface's uncle Old Monty, says, "I think there was a chance Thomas' life could have been different. But the teasing he suffered, coupled with a bad temper, and following Hoyt around like a puppy dog, left room for Hoyt to get absolute control".

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