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Ledge is an antagonist in the animated TV series Cyberchase.

He was voiced by Alex Karzis.


Ledge was the mastermind behind the events of the Hackerization in Sensible Flats in the self-named episode. In that episode, he makes a facade friendship with the Cybersquad only to Hackerize them later. First Digit, then Matt, and lastly Jackie were all Hackerized. He planned to be praised by The Hacker and have them work together. Because of this, Inez had to learn to climb up a model mountain, and shuts down his machine.

He is later thrown out of the Grim Wreaker by Buzz & Delete, whom Hacker told them to. In his next appearance, he catches the Hacker as a clown on a camera, and posted the picture on the television. He then places a small recorder on Hacker, and teamed up with Buzz & Delete after Hacker fired them. His plan was to steal the Bluebird of Zappiness, that would've been used to heal Motherboard of the virus inflicted on her by Hacker. Hacker is then forced to work with the Cybersquad, especially Inez, and pretty much develops a grudge against him. Ledge does not succeed in getting The Blue Bird of Zappiness, and vowed to return.

So far he has appeared in two episodes. Ledge was a rarity in the show, since, unlike Hacker, he had more time to plan his motives, and apparently had committed more harm to the Cybersquad than The Hacker. And that he has a vast knowledge combined with these personality traits. Thus, this makes him the most dangerous villain in the series.


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