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Said 'out', bitch!
~ Lee to Lucifer in the Season 3 premiere, which indirectly got him his nickname.

Lee Garner, also known as as Mr. Said Out Bitch, is a recurring antagonist-turned-protagonist in the TV series Lucifer. He is a low-level career criminal who is foiled by Lucifer several times.

He is portrayed by Jeremiah Birkett, who also played Bluebell in The 10th Kingdom.


Needing to pay off his debts to other criminals, Lee led a robbery on a jewellery store. He was then confronted by Lucifer Morningstar and his brother Amenadiel, who had both overpowered his colleagues and questioned him about hating them, as they were searching for their mother. Lee denied anything that they claimed he was, and therefore, the two of them used time Amenadiel's time powers to leave him in the store half-naked and his shoelaces tied together. He was then arrested and sent to jail.

A year later, Lee escaped from prison and then pulled off another heist, where he was seen driving out of Los Angeles in a truck full of cash with the police in pursuit. He then runs into Lucifer again who now had angel wings, much to Lee's shock. Lee began to panic as Lucifer started to recognize him from their first meeting. Needing to get back to the city, Lucifer took his clothes and left him half-naked in the middle of the desert. After days, Lee was able to return to the city and wanted revenge on Lucifer.

After doing his research, Lee returns at Lux with four gunmen and demanded cash from Lucifer. He then explained his experience in the desert and that he believed he hallucinated Lucifer having wings. Lucifer then revealed his true self and overpowered Lee and his four gunmen, as he was taking out his fear of losing someone he cared about for seeing his devil-face. Lee begged for his life as he needed the money for his previous debts, convincing Lucifer that he wasn't worth it. Lucifer then gave him money and gold to help pay off his debts and allowed him to leave.

Eventually at some point afterwards, Lee was killed and ended up as a soul in Hell. Upon his return to Hell, Lucifer attempted to help Lee break his loop by facing his guilt and his family, but he failed.

When Lucifer arrives in Heaven to resurrect Chloe Decker, who has been killed by his twin brother Michael, he is greeted by Lee, much to Lucifer's shock as no soul has ever escaped from Hell before. Lee reveals that he eventually faced his guilt and was able to leave Hell and ascend into Heaven. Thankful for what Lucifer did for him, Lee helps the weakened angel find Chloe, who was having a picnic alongside her father, John. Lee and John then watch as Lucifer resurrects Chloe at the cost of his own life, although he himself would be shortly resurrected as the new God.


Lee was a common low level criminal and has no problem threatening people to get what he wants. According to his sister, he was extremely frivolous with money. He would spend money he didn't have, resulting in him incurring massive debts, and would resort to crime to pay them off. Despite his behavior, Lee is aware of how his actions cause problems for others, staying away from his family because he didn't want to disappoint them anymore. He is also shown to be somewhat good at reading people, as he was was able to figure out that Lucifer was facing his own problems while dealing with Lee's.

Once he got to Heaven after facing his guilt, Lee mellowed out and was much more kind. Upon meeting Lucifer again, he patiently let him get his bearings and even helped Lucifer find Chloe to repay him for his help in learning the root of his guilt.


  • Beginning from Season 2, Lee has currently appeared at the beginning of every season premiere in the series.
  • Lee became the first human soul to ascend to Heaven on their own because he finally faced his guilt.


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