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Leech (Static Shock)

Leech was a mutated criminal and an enemy of Static in the TV series Static Shock.

He is voiced by David Arquette.


At some point, a criminal later known as Leech would gain the power to drain powers from other metahumans. Leech decided that he could be unstoppable if he absorbed every metahuman's power. Leech first captured Ebon and used his powers to capture Hotstreak and Talon. Leech kept them in cells so he could get more of their powers.

Leech warned Static that he would be his next victim in their first fight. Leech instead captured Lil' Romeo who was wearing a Static costume for his newest video clip and mistook him for Static. Hotstreak and Ebon mocked Leech when he found out Lil' Romeo was not Static. Leech proposed a trade agreement to Static through Romeo's shock box.

He tells him that the trade is at an amusement park where he puts Romeo in an unstable roller coaster. Static stopped the coaster but while he was resting, he was taken by Leech. Leech drained Static's powers and placed him in a cell along with his enemies. Leech started a crime spree and easily defeated Gear with his own zap cap. Daisy, Frieda and Lil' Romeo narrowed down Leech's hideout to an old movie and freed his victims. When Leech returned to his lair, he found that all of his victims were gone. Static's enemies betrayed Static and left him and Lil' Romeo with Leech. Leech drains Static's powers again but Lil' Romeo turned on the sprinkler system, short circuiting Leech. Leech can absorb other metahuman's powers and can absorb their weaknesses. Static later handed Leech over to the police.


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