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And I just finally found himmm... You were the one who killed my cutipie bat weren't youuuu. He was my man!
~ Leech Devil reacting to Bat Devil's death.

Leech Devil is a minor antagonist from Chainsaw Man. After Denji defeated the Bat Devil during their fight, the Leech Devil suddenly comes out of nowhere while claiming to be the Bat Devil's lover, sharing the same vision as him, heavily implied that she had stuck inside his body for a long time.


The Leech Devil seemingly almost appears like a giant tapeworm that almost shaped like a humanoid and is nearly Lovecraftian in terms of the shape itself. Her face is rather eyeless but the giant mouth and blocky teeth made it up for the lack of eyes. In addition, she also had a long black hair and three breasts to show her feminine figure.


The Leech Devil can be described as an obsessive "yandere" due to her obsessive love with the Bat Devil, being heavily implied that she does attached to her body for some time. Due to her obsessive love, she become ecstatic sharing her goal with the Bat Devil whom she views as admirable, and that being devouring humans together with her love. To enforce her love with the Bat Devil, she tried to avenge his death under her name by trying to kill Denji. Despite her seemingly obsessive love, it is shown that the Bat Devil never transmit his own feelings towards the Leech Devil. Although she initially spares Denji at first, it was due to the fact that he has a cute face more than anything else.


After the Bat Devil was defeated by Denji, she appeared out of nowhere and then severed Denji's hand, picking it up and eating it. Seeing that her lover was seemingly killed by Denji, she then grew distraught about it and attempts to kill Denji in which he tried to retaliate by turning himself into the Chainsaw Devil. However, he was unable to because the lack of blood he possessed which left his chainsaw form only partially emerged fro his head.

At the same time, when the Leech Devil saw Denji, she decided to spare him solely because Denji has a cute face. However, at the same time, he will kill all of the bystanders including Denji's companions, Power and her cat, Nyako, which triggered Denji as he tried to fight the leech devil in order to protect them. As they battle with each other, the Leech Devil was lamenting about her boyfriend's seemingly admirable dream on eating the humans.

Hearing about her dreams, Denji decides to challenge her to see which dreams is the stronger, his or the Leech Devil. During the fight, the Leech Devil was seemingly won the battle as she attempts to eat him. However, she was fortunately stopped as one of Denji's companions, Aki Hayakawa, summoned the Fox Devil, Kon, to devour the leech devil which resulted on her being decapitated.


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