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Lefty Maginnis is the secondary antagonist of the 2006 animated film Everyone's Hero.

He was a player of the Chicago Cubs and Napoleon Cross' own personal henchman who contributed to sabotaging the New York Yankees by stealing Babe Ruth's own bat, Darlin, under his own boss' orders.

He was portrayed by William H. Macy.


In the movie that is set in the 1930's with Napoleon Cross is first seen watching Lefty, a Chicago Cubs player with documentary about the legendary baseball player Babe Ruth from the New York Yankees (in which he has a small part on it), as he greatly envies the latter's immense success in the world of baseball. Ambitious about his desire to earn the same amount of recognition from the 1932 World Series, Cross assumes that Babe's baseball bat, named Darlin, was causing the Cubs their relentless losses, and plans on keeping her away from the renowned baseball player by ordering Lefty to steal it, as he threatens his own henchman about removing him from the Cubs if he fails.

After Darlin was eventually stolen by Lefty who was taking her with him to Chicago via the Grand Central Terminal in New York City, Yankee Irving (the film's protagonist) successfully infiltrates Cross' plan initially by retrieving her from the infamous baseball player in order for his father to be rehired to the Yankee Stadium again since the latter and his own son were indirectly involved in the theft of the bat. After Yankee and Screwie retrieves Darlin in the case, Lefty spot it this and give chase throughout several trains as he attempts to steal back the bat again. Yankee manages to yank it off where Lefty loses his balances and holds on the both trains until he gets struck by the train's signal, knocking him unconscious.

After Yankee was stepped out of the train and slept in the train station, Lefty arrived and entered that same train station to inform Cross, who was carelessly playing the merchandise about Babe Ruth, regarding the bat he stole. When Cross then informs Lefty about the "compensation" the latter would get after the bat is eventually given to the former before Yankee escapes the train station and Lefty chase him once again on the train cart. Naturally, Lefty is horrified to watch a another passenger train coming towards him after Yankee dodges while Lefty tries to drive away before getting hit by it.

Although Yankee took Darlin from Lefty, Cross' plan is succeeding when it was reported that Babe Ruth is losing for his team by getting subsequent strikes from his failed swings as the batter since Darlin is not with him, causing the New York Yankees to be overtaken by the Chicago Cubs during the game, which upsets Yankee himself. Though, with the help of a couple of homeless men, this didn't hinder him from returning to New York City to return the bat to the Yankee Stadium, but he later decides to actually go to Chicago since Babe Ruth was currently at that city for Yankee to return Darlin to him. The next day with Yankee stopping a small town and meeting Marti Brewster after she helps him fought against the two bullies named Arnold and Tubby that tried to steal Screwie by throwing apples and dodging them, Lefty regains conscious and arrives to the small town with a severely damaged train cart before he ask the two bullies about Yankee, which they've point out his location and he drives off before Tubby throws one apple at him that makes Lefty squeal in pain, much to both Arnold and Tubby's amusement.

During at the Brewsters' residence, Lefty tried to trick Rosetta Brewster, mother of Marti, that he's Stanley Irving in order to get Darlin back for Yankee, but he quickly recognizes him and runs up the stairs before Lefty chases him again and rudely shoves Marti who then retaliates by tripping him to prevent him from chasing Yankee, but he continues to run after him again. Yankee escapes through the window and coming down on clothlines safely while Lefty tried follow him until an angry Rosetta smacks Lefty and threatens to call the police on him for his actions against Yankee and harming her daughter before he closes the window and continues his chase before he topples off the roof and clothlines. Recovering quickly, Lefty tried to run after Yankee, but Marti trips him with water hose, much to his anger. Soon, Lefty chases and manages to grab Darlin where he attempts to steal the bat again and demands to give it back, but Yankee refuses since it belongs to Babe Ruth (which Screwie agrees to Yankee). During the struggle, Lefty rants that he stole Darlin which Yankee replies that Stanley would get his custodian position back after returning the bat to Babe Ruth, as Lefty gloats about his position and being a best cubs pitcher and insults Stanley's job. Furious, Yankee releases Darlin that she brutally batters Lefty on his face, making him subconscious before Marti tosses an apple on his head that knocks him to the ground with Screwie finishes by bashing him on the back of the head and knocking unconscious. With that, Marti advises Yankee to find her father, Lonnie Brewster, before bidding him farewell and he thanks her for helping him as he leave the town.

Several days of Yankee's journey, Lefty contacts Napoleon again in the raining night about the losing Darlin after his boss gloats about his plans succeeding once again until he threatens Lefty that if he doesn't get Darlin before the championship, then he'll fired him from the team, leading Lefty to complain and smacking the phone against the booth since he thinks it broken as he hang up supposedly and insults Napoleon, unaware that was left in contact and tried to hang up again before accidentally broke the phone toll right before the lighting strucks, shocking him instantly.

Unfortunately for the young boy after meeting Lonnie and his team that giving him a ride with them on their bus and arriving to Chicago at the hotel to return Darlin to Babe Ruth at the VIP dining room party, Lefty switches Darlin with a Breadstick to retook the bat when Yankee is about to return Darlin to him, but Screwie witness this and tried to save her from him, but to no avail. Yankee helps Screwie and chases Lefty at the back door as he succeeds in giving her to Cross while in his car, thus continuing the succession of Napoleon's plans on sabotaging Ruth and making the Cubs earn their win against the Yankees. In the meantime, Yankee himself tried to retrieve the bat again by fighting it from Cross, but he is abruptly pulled inside the vehicle instead, capturing him in the process and sending him back to the Cubs Stadium by the scheming Cubs duo. While inside a Cubs Stadium office room, Lefty watches Yankee from the window and mocks him with a mischievous smile with Cross taunts Yankee about Babe's huge losses during the game, as the boy failed to return Darlin to the baseball player. After Cross then leaves Yankee inside the room with the door locked so that he himself would watch the Yankees, especially team member Babe Ruth, eventually lose to the Cubs.

After Yankee escapes the office (which is noticed by Cross) with the help of Screwie the baseball and finally returns Darlin to Babe, Cross then shows up and deliberately interrupts the moment, demanding to the umpire that the game must end immediately because the Yankees are about to lose to the Cubs anyway, but Babe already knows the truth about the loss of Darlin from him. However, Cross tried to hide it by saying that what Babe said is "absurd", and insists that the Yankees must forfeit since he states that it's a penalty for baseball players to make false claims to someone regarding baseball itself, so the umpire makes a deal to the team by having them choose a batter for them, or they actually forfeit the game.

As the baseball team eventually picked Yankee as their batter through Babe's decision, Cross was shocked, but also mocks the team for picking a young boy who has little baseball experience while also making fun of the boy himself with some of the spectators including Lefty as well. Nonetheless, although Yankee was initially nervous about trying to swing on the first two tries with Lefty using Screwie and puts his own snots on it, Lefty was then proven wrong with Cross and few spectators when Yankee, because his parents including Marti Brewster where there to motivate him, actually swing Darlin and surprisingly hit Screwie with much confidence at the last strike before makes a run around the field bases while trying to avoid being stopped by the Cubs holding Screwie as they all end up getting tripped and pelted in process, and also making Cross felt greatly nervous about the Cubs losing towards Yankee again. After Yankee eventually reached the final base, Lefty make his last attempts to spitefully strike Yankee out with Screwie, but he ends up being trampled and humiliated by him as Yankee himself literally jumps on top of Lefty and successfully landed on the home plate for the New York Yankees finally beat the Chicago Cubs with the spectators, his parents, Marti and Rosetta Brewster, Babe Ruth, New York Yankees, Lonnie Brewster and his team, the hobos and his sandlot friends cheers at Yankee in victory. The Chicago Cubs are upset at their defeat with a shocked Cross throwing a tantrum since his chances of getting massive recognition having now declared be ruin. During the aftermath of the game with Cross' arrest, Lefty is also arrested for the organized theft of Babe's bat Darlin where Cross crazily kicks him in the groin in process while they're being hauled away and he was also banished from the Cubs permanently.

As a presumably additional punishment, Lefty is seen to clean the street with Napoleon forced to sell the Bobbleheads of Babe Ruth as part of their work release (who isn't satisfied) at the parade of the New York Yankees victory.


  • Although his boss Cross was the main antagonist, Lefty had more screen time and just about all hard this proved to be more dangerous. In addition, his voice actor was credited and also a fan favorite villain.


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