We are Legion. All of uses are one, and one is all of uses. Want to know how to defeat us? Simple. Just kill the real us. But, can yous find the real us? Uwe hee hee.
~ Legion
Uweeheehee. Are we real or are we false? Try us and see.
~ The real Legion and his clones battling in Khadein.

Legion (ローロー, Roro) is a supporting antagonist from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, the remake of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. He appears in the Assassins subplot introduced in that remake. One of Eremiya's assassins, Legion works closely with Clarisse and her "sister" Reese. He has the unique ability produce clones of himself, all of which act with one will. Legion is voiced in Japanese by Teruyuki Tanzawa. In English, he is voiced by Christopher Corey Smith, who also voices SlaydeReinhardt, and Thales.


Legion is a muscular brown-haired men of indeterminate age. His face is covered by a green horned mask. he wears a yellow breastplate and spiked shoulder pads over a dark green tunic. On his lower body, Legion wears a tan and brown, fur-lined kilt and yellow armored boots.


Legion is a gleeful psychopath with a love of combat and killing, which may stem from his brutal upbringing at Eremiya's hands. Although Legion considers his clones to be "brothers", he does not care if any of them die. He usually refers to anything in plural form, including himself. It is uncertain how much separate personality or intelligence Legion's clones have. However, Eremiya's orders to dispose of all surviving clones after the true Legion's death implies that they depend on the original to properly function.



Like all of Eremiya's orphans after her brainwashing by Gharnef, Legion was subject to harsh training. As he grew, he became both a capable assassin and obedient puppet. Shortly after the War of Shadows concluded, Eremiya led him, Clarisse and Reese on a mission to eliminate the remnants of the Soothsire bandits, a group heavily decimated by Prince Marth during the war. With the skills of the two "sisters" and Legion's clones, all bandits were successfully routed. Eremiya and Gharnef, who observed the mission, concluded that all three would be useful for Gharnef's plans to come.

Shortly before the War of Heroes began, Eremiya's group plotted to assassinate Marth, with the plan being that Reese would pose as a knight in training named Katarina and earn Marth's trust, after which she would drug the guards and guide Clarisse and Legion straight to the prince. Legion would provide Reese with assassins to command, but stay out of the killing directly to judge her performance. This mission ultimately ended in failure.

War of Heroes

When Gharnef plans to resurrect Medeus using four noble maidens pure of heart, Eremiya's group kidnaps Macedon Princess Maria and cleric Lena for use in the ritual. Later, after Marth's Army kills General Lang, a clone of Legion leads a squad of mercenaries, including two who assisted Marth in the War of Shadows, on an ambush against the Hero-King. This battle results in the death of the clone and the two mercenaries, Caesar and Radd, rejoining Marth. Clarisse berated Legion on the clone's failure, though Legion stated that the clone was his brother, and they were all Legion. Clarisse questioned if the Legion she was talking to was the true Legion, but he admitted he did not know and declared that next time, all Legions would fight to kill Marth.

When Marth and his army visited Khadein, Legion and a squad of his clones attempted to kill Horace, a member of the Archanean League during the War of Shadows. Marth received word that his old comrade was in danger, and in the ensuing fight his army ultimately kills the real Legion. As Legion's clones were rendered useless without the original, Eremiya ordered Reese to dispose of all surviving clones. She balked at this command, leading Clarisse to mock her for her weakness and carry out the executions herself.

Other Media

Fire Emblem Awakening

An Einherjar of Legion is available as a bonus unit through SpotPass. In addition, an Enherjar of Legion allies with the Shepherds in the first Lost Bloodlines DLC xenologue, as Archanean Enherjar believe they summoned the Shepherds to combat Jugdral and Valentian forces. However, this Enherjar legion opposes the Shepherds in the second and third Lost Bloodlines DLC xenologues, as in the former, Jugdral Enherjar believe they summoned the Shepherds to fight the combined might of Archanea and Valentia, and in the latter the Shepherds finally decide to seal all three nation's Enherjar back into their cards.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Legion was made available to players on June 16, 2017 as a Grand Hero Battle. His outfit is based on his design from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.


Reese, I brought help. I'll leave Marth to you. I'll be watching very carefully, so do make sure you kill him.
~ Legion helping Reese with their first attempt on Marth's life.
Uweeheehee. Come, come, come! Let's fight!
~ Legion's clone before fighting Marth's army.
I won't die... even if you kill me... Uweehee...hee...
~ Legion's clone's last words as its defeated by Marth's army.
Uwee... hee... How did... you... know...?
~ The true Legion last words as he is defeated in Khadein.



  • Legion is the only named member of the assassin group whose backstory is left unexplained.
  • Legion is the only member of the assassin group to die instantly as well as the only one whose death scene isn't depicted in a tragic light.
  • In addition to Legion, Slayde, Reinhardt, and Thales, Christopher Corey Smith voices Fire Emblem heroes Seth and Yarne in English. He also provides one of the English voices of Male Robin (and by extension Grima when possessing him) in Fire Emblem Awakening

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