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~ Dan Hammar and Harald, screaming while in a car.

Legion Gothia, also called "The 107 Patriots", are the titular main antagonists of the 2012 movie Johan Falk: De 107 Patrioterna ("The 107 Patriots").


A criminal Nazi organization is led by Dan Hammar who lost his daughter in a shootout by immigrants. Hammar partly used this to justify his motivations for a race war, which is the organizations main goal.

Dan Hammar, along with some other members, starts to cooperate and deal with Rydell's gang, since Seth's brother Felix started to know Hammar in prison. Seth didn't care about their agenda because of his opportunistic personality.

One of their members, Valter, is being interogated by Johan Falk and the police who threatens him to cooperate or he will be killed. Valter, scared for his life, agrees.

Prior to the climax in a parking garage where Rydell's gang is doing weapon business with the Nazis, Valter is exposed to have a GPS on him so the police knows where they are. Seth then confronts Hammar since Valter was Hammar's right-hand. Hammar is being humiliated and kills Valter in front of everyone. Seth gives up and tells Felix to get rid of them. The police comes to the location and arrests multiple people. Hammar escapes with Felix, who think they are cool, but Felix tells Hammar "we take care of our sh*t" right before killing him.



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